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Design And Implementation Of Search Engine Based On The Web Data Mining

Posted on:2011-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2198330338985519Subject:Computer technology
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With the rapid development of the Internet,especially with the astonishingly rapiddevelopment of the World Wide Web technology,computer network has become the largestdistributed information and knowledge database in the world. This development has on the onehand provided a good platform for the co-construction and sharing of information resources, buton the other hand greatly increased the cost for information retrieving and knowledge acquiring,making it more and more difficult to search and get information,and has even caused suchproblems and phenomena as"rich data,but poor information","getting lost in information",etc.Web Data Mining technology is discovered.Firstly, this paper introduces the basic concept, kind and method of web data mining, withthe concrete procedure and correlated theories of web data mining. And then, specifically for aimportant application search engine that the Web data excavates at present, the technology hasassumed systematic expounding. Aiming at the deficiency of the current search engine,the thesisstudies the principle of the Intelligent search engine,it is pointed out that to develop individuallyspecified,actively-serving,intelligent searching engines is the trend for developing a newgeneration of searching engines,Based on the traditional search engine status and developmenttrends,study and design of intelligent search engine of the overall structure,and it made theoverall structure, to search engine's contact surface redesign. Joins in the information retrievalmodule based on the Web semantics retrieval technique, strengthened the semanticunderstanding, the man-machine interaction ability. Makes cluster processing regarding thereturns result, causes the returns the result information more suitable user's inquiry demand. Andin search engine's design, joins the user interest the concept, through to the user interest's recordexcavation user's historical information, by this discovery user's interest, entrusts with the bigweight to these result information, when returns to the cluster the primordial considerationoutput, tries the movement through the search engine in this unit, basically may satisfy theroutine work the data inquiry demand, his system not only to save a part of the human andfinancial resources, but also created economic benefits for the company.The research and exploration of this paper is a good beginning for the further research of thepersonalized technique of the search engine and the development of the web information retrievaltool with high quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Web Data Mining, Search engines, Intelligent search engine, Semantic Web, Web Spider
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