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Salt Stress Effects On Seed Germination And Seedling Growth

Posted on:2001-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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1. The phase of seeds germination 1.1. The effects of stratification on seeds germination Seeds of Elaeagnus angus/ho/ia were treated under low temperature (2-5 0C) and humid conditions for 60 days, they did not germination, but seeds germinated by getting rid of testa. It proved that Elaeagnus angust~fo1ia is not embryo dormancy plant. 1.2 The effects of testa on seeds germination A series of tests with treating testa suggested that no inhibitors were in endopleure and testa of Elcwagnus angus/i/b/ia or inhibitor contents were not so high to inhibit germination. The factOrs of limiting seeds germination may mainly due to impermeability and mechanical binding force of testa. 1.3. The effects of seed-soaking on seed germination Short-term seed soaking in water accelerated germination, while germination was inhibited after seed soaking for long term. 12 hr was optimum time. 1.4. The effects of exogenous GA on seed germination Exogenous GA enhanced germination under low concentration but inhibited under high concentration. 1 Oppin is optimum concentration for germination. 1.5. The effects of different NaCI on germination 1.5.1 .Seeds germination was tested in different concentration NaCI solution, the changes of Gr, Gi, Vi, a -amylase activity, and electrolyte leakage were measured. With the increasing of NaCI concentration, Or, Gi, Vi and a -amylase activity decreased gradually, while electrolyte-leakage increased in different degree. These showed that the factors of affecting germination were also relation to low water potential, some key enzymes and the integration of cell membrane. 1 .5.2.Treating seeds in different concentration NaC1 solution after soaking seeds 12 hr, eliminated the effects of salt on seeds physiological absorbing water process, but germination remained inhibited in difference degree. It proved that injures of salt on physiological absorbing water process was not the only cause of affecting of salt on germination. 1.5.3. Exogenous GA containing in different concentration NaCl solution can overcome the inhibition effects of salt on germination. a -amylase activity was enhanced significantly (p
Keywords/Search Tags:Salt stress, Elaeagnus angustifolia, seed soaking, Gr, Gi, Vi, α-amylase, electrolyte-leakage, chlorophyll, photosynthesis, inorganic ion, organic solute, osmotic potential
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