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Research On Routing Protocols Based On Convergence Of Wireless Sensor Network And Mobile Communications Network

Posted on:2011-03-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360308962008Subject:Circuits and Systems
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With the development of wireless sensor network, its key technologies are improved quickly. And the sensor networks gradually move towards industrialization. This makes the concept of the Internet of Things extend. The Internet of Things makes object recognition, sensor networks, public communications networks and the internet form one network which connects all objects. There people can communicate with the objects and can get the variety of information of them everywhere. The Internet of Things will inevitably bring about the development of convergence among the various information or communication networks. The convergence of wireless sensor network and mobile communications network is also in it.In this paper, based on the convergence of wireless sensor network and mobile communication network, a brief introduction and analysis of convergence of the two networks is related to. There are some of the key technologies, such as network convergence technology, business integration technology, and management integration technology. Especially the study of the wireless sensor network routing is researched.In this paper, the typical wireless sensor network routing protocol is analyzed. Considering the sink nodes' mobility and the overmuch energy consumption when sensor nodes transmit data to the mobile sink nodes, a cluster routing energy-saving algorithm for wireless sensor network with mobile sink node is proposed. This algorithm improve and optimize the cluster-heads'choice, members of the cluster nodes, and inter-cluster routing. And also use the mobility of sink node to control the inter-cluster routing update time. These can make the network reduce energy consumption and increase the network life cycle. The entire research can provide an effective theoretical basis to the convergence of the two networks on routing technology. The simulation experiments show that the algorithm proposed in this paper can effectively save the network energy consumption and prolong the survival time, and can be used on the sensor network with mobile sink node.
Keywords/Search Tags:wireless sensor network, mobile communications network, cluster routing, mobile sink node, energy-saving
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