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The Properties Research Of Supercontinuum In Photonic Crystal Fiber

Posted on:2011-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Up to now, researches on supercontinuum generation (SCG) in fibers have become an important branch of nonlinear fiber optics. The application field develops deeper and deeper with the development of SCG theory. These years all the researches are mainly in the mechanism and broadening of SCG, the theory and experiment about noise properties in SCG are studied abroad.This main topic about this thesis is the properties research of the SCG in PCF, such as the width, the flatness and the noise property of the SCG. The main contents are as follows:The importance and the development of this topic are introduced. The basic theory of SCG is present.Solving the NLSE by numerical analysis method-Split-Step Fourier methods (SSFM), the propagation characteristic of pico-second pulses in the PCF with normal and flattened dispersion profile is numerically investigated. Also the effects of fiber nonlinear coefficient, injected pump power and input pulse chirp are considered. What's more, the characteristics of amplitude and phase noise in SCG are also analyzed through studying the coherent supercontinuum (SC) sliced. It shows that the width and flatness of the SC is connected with the fiber length. It can improve the flatness of the SC if we choose the proper chirp parameter. The SCG in the PCF with abnormal dispersion profile is numerically investigated. The main analyses are including the effects of input peak power, the width can't be broadened any more when the input peak power reach some value. Also the coefficient of the PCF (such as the fiber length, fiber nonlinear coefficient and dispersion coefficient) and the input pulse chirp for the SCG is studies. Finally, the noise properties of the SCG are studied in the PCF with abnormal dispersion profile.The SCG experiments using PCF with normal and abnormal dispersion profile are demonstrated respectively with the comparison to the numerical research, the numerical method is verified. The flattened and stable SC is obtained.
Keywords/Search Tags:Photonic crystal fiber (PCF), Supercontinuum(SC), Dispersion, Nonlinear effects, Pulse chirp, Noise
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