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The Research Of Controlling Technology Of Ultra-narrow-band Single Longitudinal Mode Fiber Laser Pump Source

Posted on:2011-01-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H K WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360308463753Subject:Physical Electronics
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Ultra-narrow-band single longitudinal mode fiber laser has important applicati-ons on cutting-edge scientific research.Selecting a suitable pump source,and des-igning its stable driving control system are important for the research and development of ultra-narrow-band single longitudinal mode fiber laser.The paper chose a laser diode at 980nm as pump source,and designed a highly stable driving control system for it.The main contents of the paper are as follows:Firstly,the operation principles and the output characteristics of LD are analyzed in detail.According to the accounts of fragility of the LD,the paper introduces the mechanism of damage. And then the whole framework of the driving control system of the pump source and the technical indexs are proposed.Secondly,based on the principle of digital incremental PID,fuzzy control and self-adaption,the self-adaption Fuzzy-PID temperature control algorithm is designed.Thirdly,designed the circuit of the whole system.The principle and the structure of the temperature control module and the current control module are analyzed in detail.And the circuit also includes some other security circuits such as slow-start circuit, current limit protection circuit and so on, which enhance the security and reliability of the entire driving control system.Fourthly,designed the software of the whole system.The main program structure,current control module,digital filtering program module and data repository are briefly described.And the realization of self-adaption Fuzzy-PID temperature control algorithm is represented in detail.Finally,based on the technical indexs of the driving control system of the pump source,the system is tested.The data and curve graphs show that,LD works stably,and all technical indexs meet the requirements.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ultra-narrow-band single longitudinal mode fiber laser, Pump Source, LD, Self-adaption Fuzzy-PID
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