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Research On Key Technology Of Knowledge Management System

Posted on:2011-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360308459014Subject:Computer system architecture
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As human society enters the knowledge economy era, knowledge is playing an increasingly important role in people's production and life. Under the circumstances, how to manage knowledge is becoming a hot research topic, the purpose of which is to enable users to access and manage their required information swiftly and conveniently when they use knowledge. However, since the information resource lacks of the uniform semantic description in the traditional mode, it is difficult for users to discover relevant knowledge and achieve the semantic integration of related knowledge. OWL not only provides a strong ability of semantic expression, but also describes the contents that the computer can understand, Therefore, it can effectively solve the above- mentioned problems. The main contents of this paper is to discuss and implement several key technologies of knowledge management system through theoretical knowledge like RDF, ontology, relational database and SPARQL, etc.This paper firstly introduces the knowledge management background, the research situation, and then the architecture of semantic web and some relevant technologies, it introduces concretely RDF, OWL and construction tools of ontology. By analyzing the problems of traditional knowledge management and advantages of ontology, this paper introduces technologies of semantic web into knowledge management system. Theoretically, we propose several key technologies of knowledge management system and architecture based on technologies of semantic web, and analyse characteristics of this architecture. Technologically, we discuss the specific technical methods such as ontology construction, storage, query and annotation that can be applied to the knowledge management system in detail. Based on the research of these two aspects, the main work of this paper includes:1) It constructs ontology for domain knowledge and induces rules of constructing ontology concerning domain knowledge.2) It implements semantic annotation, which is aiming at the data sources that customers are interested in. Data recouses can be divided into three categories: network data source, document data source and database data sources. Annotating process takes data source as an instance of concept and it is convenient for system to associate with semantic information.3) This paper utilizes relational database to store OWL files. We propose a method to establish logical relationship and physical implementation between basic elements of ontology and relational database.4) It implements knowledge query. This paper takes SPARQL as basic query language for knowledge management system.Finally, we implement key technologies of knowledge management system. By taking a case of law konwledge as an example of ontology, we annotate this ontology and query in accordance with the knowledge. Then we validate the feasibility of key technologies of knowledge management system that we proposed in this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:Knowledge Management, Semantic Web, Relational Database, Semantic Annotation, SPARQL
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