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The Research On 1-d Photonic Crystal And The Photonic Crystal Surface Wave Sensor

Posted on:2011-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Z YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360305490392Subject:Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
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Photonic crystals chemical and biological sensors has attracted wide attention in recent years. The main properties of photonic crystal are photonic crystal band and defect mode. When chemical or biological molecules layer are introduced to photonic crystal the crystal structure would change(including spatial structure and refractive index), the photonic crystal band structure and defect mode would change, the chemical and biological molecules can be detected from the changes of photonic crystal band structure and defect mode. A new type of one-dimensional photonic crystal surface wave sensor has been designed to detect the refractive of chemical and biological molecules. The main research work about photonic crystal surface wave sensor as follows:1, The paper has discussed the principle of photonic crystal surface wave and analyzing the principle of exploration chemical and biological refraction using one-dimensional photonic crystal surface wave. The main conditions of forming surface wave and detecting refractive index are total reflection, absorbing medium and surface mode.2, The paper has Simulated the photonic crystal surface wave sensor using the transmission matrix method and confirming the feasibility of detecting the refractive index using photonic crystal surface wave sensor. The computation indicates that the photonic crystal surface wave sensor has high sensitivity and high Q-value(Quality value). Designing and optimizing the surface wave sensor using transmission matrix method and the sensor has seven layers from the sensitivity as well as the Q-value aspect.3,The paper has Manufactured the 1-D photonic crystal surface wave sensor by Electron beam sputtering in BK-7 glass. And Confirmed the surface wave sensor by detecting the refractive index of Dimethyl sulphone and Ethyl alcohol. Has Obtaining the Sensitivity and Q-value through experiment. The experiment indicates that this photonic crystal has high high Sensitivity and high Q-value and the experimental result tallies with the computation.
Keywords/Search Tags:photonic crystal, surface wave, refractive index sensor, transfer matrix
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