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Application Research Of Virtual Storage In Securities Trading System

Posted on:2010-07-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y DunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360275453328Subject:Computer application technology
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With the development of securities marked, the securities trading profession is faced the change of operating pattern. Commissioned and telephone inquiries, fax and inquiry commissioned version of the remote, as well as online transactions has been the use of fax machines in the brokerage business in the economy play an important role.At the same time, the development of the securities business and securities on the Stock Exchange the company's internal management of the new requirements, in addition to strengthening its internal management, but also need to use high-tech science and technology, computer, network tool to achieve a comprehensive and efficient financial information system to enhance the efficiency of office staff to speed up the internal information transmission, but also the backbone for the business and the senior leadership to provide accurate information to support decision-making. If you do not have a comprehensive application of the securities industry in the management information system, it is difficult to adapt to the pace of development of the securities industry.Virtual Storage technology which comes out in the 1970's developed with the compute technology. Virtual storage can facilitate the usage of massive storage system, reduce the management cost, optimize its performance and increase its efficiency. It provides many kinds of effective securities trading storage solution for the securities trading system.After surveying the developing status of virtual storage and securities trading system at home and abroad, thesis analyzed the technology of virtual storage and the requirements of securities trading system in the Wide Area Network, then applied one of the virtual storage technologies in the securities trading system.The works and contribution are listed as following:(1)After having analyzed the differences between the tradition storage technology and virtual storage technology, thesis proposed that virtual storage should be applied to securities trading system in order to meet the requirements of data storage in the securities trading system.(2)It discusses the securities industry and virtual storage technology. Then combining the features of the two, it propounds the design framework of the virtual storage system.(3)It describes the design and implementation of virtual storage system, which comprises the function design, logical framework, communication protocol and security design. Then it deeply describes the program implementation of the virtual storage switcher, the console and some pivotal modules of the system.(4) It describes the system test. Then it analyzes the test results.Finally, the dissertation is concluded with a summary and prospect of future researches of securities trading system.In short, in a virtual environment, all of the storage management operations, such as system upgrades, the creation and distribution of the virtual disk, change RAID levels, storage space can be expanded automatically to make a simple storage management easier. It will help securities companies to integrate business processes to better meet core functional requirements, the information age in the future to maintain the core competitiveness.
Keywords/Search Tags:storage virtualization, securities trading system, virtual storage server, test
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