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Research On Key Technique Of Identification Based On Biometrics Of Vein In The Back Of Hand

Posted on:2009-10-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W R BaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360245479835Subject:Detection Technology and Automation
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The personal identification based on the biometrics of vein in the back of hand is a new identity recognition technique with powerful vitality and wide application foreground. However, the research of such technique should be consummated. So this paper provides a primary research on the key technique of the recognition process.There are mainly 3 sections in the process of identification based on the vein biometrics. And they are pre-processing, feature extracting and vein feature matching.Median filtering is the primary tool to smooth the image. It may cause difference in gray scale for the same individual because of the environment or individual factors and normalization is the answer. The adaptive gain image enhancement also provides a de-noise effect which takes the advantage of wavelet transform. Dynamic binarization algorithm is adopted to complete the mission.The burr effect will appear after pre-processing and the image. So the vein image should be renovated to remove the burr. Rapid refining is applied to extract the structure of the vein but leaves some problems. Then a set rules and algorithm will be set up to solve them. The base points and crossing points are the main features. The encoding of feature is discussed at last.The structure of vein is one of the gists in recognition with a pre-defined threshold. The feature of the histogram which is got in the process of dynamic binarization is the other gist which acts as an assistance.In a word, this paper provides a primary discussion on the vein recognition process. And it is helpful for further research.
Keywords/Search Tags:vein pattern, biometrics, identity recognition, feature extracting
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