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Design And Development Of High-speed And High-precision LED Die Bonder

Posted on:2009-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D D CengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360242491976Subject:Mechanical design and theory
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The automatic LED die bonder which is composed of precision mechanical structure,electric control,image identify and photo-electricity detection part and so on includes the execute implement and the sensor which can apperceive and control the outside information, which fully puts up the multi-subjects frontier's high synthesis and osmosis. At present, the advanced LED Die Bonder is monopolized by the big foreign companies basically, which become a bottleneck of China semiconductor encapsulation industry development, how to develop high-performance of such facilities has become the focus of domestic research and development, because of more trouble and complex mechanism, the mechanism system become one of the difficulties to development such equipment. And bond head is the most important part of mechanism system, to develop high-performance bond head mechanism will improve the performance of the machine to a large extent, so it is necessary to develop and optimize the bond head mechanism and related aspects. This thesis comes from 2005 Guangdong key domain project electronic element special equipment's key technologies-automatic semiconductor chip Die Bonder (TC05B372-1).The bond head system study in this text based on the auto-LED Die Bonder. The bond head system drive the bond arm by crank-rocker mechanism whose limited location is 90┬░and eccentric round mechanism. It use the standard turning kinematic pair in place of straight kinematic pair, such as rolling bearing, which reduces the work of manufacture, shortens the cycle of manufacture, reduce the cost and reach the request of exactitude stableness. It's precision avoid depending on the straight kinematic pair like the importing equipment and lightens the weight of moving parts.The 3D modeling of bond head is achieved with Pro/Engineer. The dummy assemble and the schedule drawing is also completed. At last the moving emulation is achieved with the Mechanism of Pro/Engineer, and the emulation result is analyzed. The testing and precision control are pivotal to the quality of picking up chip. The thesis discusses the testing and precision control of the movement of bond head system, resolve that the chip miss by the testing method with photosensitive and improve the location precision of chip by the experiment. At last, this thesis discusses the research and development of logical control of bond head system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bond head machine, Crank-rocker mechanism, Motion simulation, Missing die detection, Mechanism timing
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