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Research On Real-Time Transaction Processing In Mobile Database

Posted on:2008-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D D HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360215958338Subject:Computer software and theory
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The development and integration of computer technology and wirelesscommunication technology has made a brand-new computing mode--mobilecomputing become a current research hotspot. In the mobile computing environment, mobile transaction processing technology is the key technology that boosts mobile computing and mobile database really being used in practical applications. Real-time application with time-limited is a kind of typical applications, such as mobile real-time stock trade, E-commerce and traffic information real-time announce and so on. Therefore, research on real-time transaction processing in mobile database has become one of the new research directions in mobile computing environment.Both the relevant theories of mobile database and the relevant contents of mobile transaction and real-time transaction are introduced firstly in this thesis. Secondly grounded on the challenges brought by the mobile characters and real-time characters of real-time transaction commit of mobile databases, based on functional alterative tasks and functional alterative tasks set , one-phase mobile real-time commit (1PMRTC) protocol is proposed. At the same time, the atomicity and the validity of 1PMRTC protocol is proved, and commit state graphics of all levels are given. By comparative analysis with three-phase real-time commit (3PRTC) protocol, 1PMRTC is a commit protocol that can meet the deadline better and reduce congestion in wireless networks.Based on the real-time applications of transaction processing in mobile computing environment and the proposed mobile real-time transaction commit protocol 1PMRTC, an abstract mobile real-time transaction processing model -functional alterative mobile real-time transaction processing model is proposed. The processes of the model are divided into the connection mode and disconnection mode of mobile host, so the model can support the disconnection operation of mobile host effectively. At the same time, the key technology of mobile real-time transaction processing in this model is analyzed, and the accompanying solving strategies are given.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mobile Database, Transaction Model, Transaction Commit, Mobile Real-Time Transaction
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