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Application Of GIS And Spatial Data Mining In Process Industry

Posted on:2007-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y L ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360182970852Subject:Detection Technology and Automation
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The process industry plays an essential role in country economy. With the development of economy, CIMS is applied in more and more process industry companies. Nowadays, most of CIMS is cored with real time database and relational database and provides functions including various of information services, statistics and analysis, decision-making assistance. But the defect of these functions is lack of visibility. In fact, most of data of the company is related to spatial data and number, character and chart is hard to express the information about spatial data, so the customary system is insufficiency.Aimed at the characteristic of process industry, combined with the powerful ability of GIS and spatial data mining which express and process spatial data, it is a new way to realize the information query, analysis, prognostication and decision-making functions of CIMS with GIS and spatial data mining applied in industry CIMS and makes sense to promote the development of CIMS.Following are the main contributions of this thesis:GIS, spatial data mining and process industry CIMS are introduced and a new model of CIMS with based on GIS called G-CIMS is put forward. The form and reality of the model are discussed and the application of GIS and spatial data mining in each module of the model is also introduced.Applied with GIS and spatial data mining in CIMS and aimed at the characteristic of process industry, the method with rough set theory which is used to data preprocessing is discussed. Also with the problem of that the speed of the classical shortest path algorithm can adapt to the real-time request in GIS when they are used to deal with the huge data, an improved Di jkstra Algorithm is put forward using the powerful ability of MapX to process spatial data. The algorithm is realized and the result is satisfied.In application aspect, a new system called G-CIMS is developed combined GIS and spatial data mining with process industry CIMS.The visibility, convenience and extendibility of the system is satisfied. The integer of the company can be controlled. And it is more convenient to deal with sudden events. Also the function of decision-making assistance with spatial data mining is realized. The design conception and the way to realize of the system is introduce in detail, also the problems appeared in the process of development and the way to solve them are discussed.In the end, the foreground of GIS and spatial data mining applied in process industry CIMS is discussed to solve the defect of the system.
Keywords/Search Tags:GIS, Spatial Data Mining, process industy CIMS, Rough Set, Shortest Path Algorithm
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