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Semantic Web Services Composite Model Research Based On The OWL-S

Posted on:2012-10-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J F XiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330332495825Subject:Electrical engineering
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Today,the Internet is in a stage of rapid development, technical means are being constantly updated and new concepts are increasingly rich, and whether it is the new technologies-Web 2.0 or Semantic Web, they all have a profound impact on academic and industrial fields . Among the large number of applications on the Web technology, Web services caught much attention for its broad space for development in the commercial area, and many research institutions and multinational companies established standards for Web services.The traditional web service framework is created, published, discovered and composed by means of"hard-coded"method which regards the discoverer of web service as the center. With the deeply research about automatic, dynamic combination of web service, the traditional Web service framework are facing more and more problems. Because the information of Web service is not on a semantic level, it is only description and message exchange on the syntax-level. Therefore, we can only carry out automatic interactions of web services under pre-defined condition, and we can not handle the semantic problem and needs of dynamic integration and service. The base of semantic description of Web resources was established through the ontology description language such as RDF, OWL and other languages, and web service was described through using RDF and OWL, then the service composition model based on semantic processing service was used to deal with portfolio requests.This dissertation includes the following work:(1) The current dissertation analyzes the key Web services and their supporting technologies, mainstream technology of Web services composition, and semantic Web hierarchy structure and its core language.(2) Meanwhile, from the service discovery, service execution and automatic composition and other aspects, they were discussed in depth and summary. Based on the study of OWL-S language, it analyzes the various levels of Web services and semantic expansion method based on WSDL extension syntax, and studies the correspondence between OWL-S language and WSDL language.(3) In the process of design and implementation a semantic Web services, using the semantic description of OWL-S to describe Web services, and compile the corresponding program to support the above functions.The dissertation analysis the function of some single modules, and integrate them into a Web service composition framework model.(4) Lastly, through experiments, it proved the accuracy and convenience of the improved modeling method.
Keywords/Search Tags:OWL-S, Description Logic, Semantic Web, Service Composite
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