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Study On High Accurate Digital Quadrature Sampling/Interpolation Methods And Application

Posted on:2005-05-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360122480885Subject:Circuits and Systems
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Quadrature sampling technique is widely used in the field of signal processing since it can reserve all information about the complex envelope of IF signal. When it is realized by using the analog circuits, the conventional quadrature sampling method may result in the large image frequency errors. So it is very difficult for the classical method to satisfy the requirement of high performance signal processing technique. The solution of this problem is to use the digital quadrature sampling, that is, the direct sampling of low IF (Intermediate Frequency) bandpass signal and through digital filter to get quadrature signals. In this paper, the elementary implementation principle is analyzed for the new method that realizes quadrature coherent detection by direct sampling of IF signal. And all the implementation methods up to now which include low-pass filter method,Hilbert filter method,interpolation method,polyphrase filter method and frequency field method are interpreted from the united view. The elementary principles and the implementation process for each method and concludes from simulation results to compare their features and application conditions that the new approach can satisfy of the requirements of high performance signal processing technique. Based on the theory analysis, a new approach is presented. The proposed approach improves the ability of real-time processing and makes the frequency field method perfect. The paper also discusses the application of this technique on RLC parameter measurement and the hardware scheme is given.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bandpass signal, Quadrature sampling, Coherent detection, Mirrorfrequency rejection, Parameter measurement
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