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The Technology Of Distributed Information Sharing Platform And Its Realization

Posted on:2004-10-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360095463129Subject:Computer application technology
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Based on the actuality of our Chinese railway, this paper introduces the technology of Distributed Information Sharing Platform(DISP). From the perspective of technology, it considers practically, how to realize the interoperability of very large transaction processing systems and eliminate the problem of "Information Island" during the process of information integration, thus to achieve the goal of information resource sharing.DISP runs on the operating system of client & server, supervising the computer resouces and network communication in the enviroment of muti-level network system. It is the middleware platform that upholds the control logic in the architecture of MVC. In a general frame, DISP is platform-neutral and could achieve reliable and transparent data transmission, complex transaction processing and database replication between homogenous or heterogenous DBMSs. As a consquence, the data consistency and integrity are realized. The DISP, which essentially belongs to Loose Consistency Data Couple Mechanism, can be used in both distributed information systems and large heterogenous information systems.DISP takes the advantage of the criterion of ODBC, providing an ODBC standard dll as the client APIs, and any ODBC compliant client can extract data from the target server system through DISP, without a single line of extra code. The function of Metadata Dynamic Navigation(MDN) is accomplished by the AntNet algorithm and the LDAP service.In addition, DISP also provides a wide channel for data conversion and data communication in top layer application of the data warehouse, guaranteeing the inner operation chain. By now, some functions of DISP have been used in the Railway Tickets Autosale System, and have achieved pretty good social and economic benefits.
Keywords/Search Tags:Information sharing, Distributed information sharing platform, Open database connectivity, Metedata dynamic navigation, AntNet algorithm, Light directory access protocol, Simple object access protocol, Distributed transaction processing
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