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Research On Data Integration And Exchange Technology Of The Agile Virtual Enterprise

Posted on:2004-08-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X B KangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360095450834Subject:Aviation Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering
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Database resources in an Agile Virtual Enterprise are often characterized by the distribution and heterogeneity. During data integration, some challenges must be taken into account which are data format transformation,data transfer cross-fiat,semantic conflict,constraint integrality and security etc. Aim at these issues, a system named XRMTE and XML(eXtensible Markup Language)-based for the heterogeneous data integration and exchange is proposed in this work A successful data transformation from XML Schema to relational schema and data integration provides application supports for data uitegrating,sharing and exchanging in an Agile Virtual Enterprise. At present, XML has become an important tool and standard in the data presentation and data exchange over the internet. The following five issues are studied in this dissertation:1) Presentation and implementation of constraint-preserved mapping algorithm from XML Schema to relational schema(XSD2RDB). A W3C XML Schema document is modeled using UML,an object-oriented modeling tool, and then mapped to relational schema by a series of mapping rules such as structure mapping,identity constraint mapping,facet constraint mapping and other constraint mappings, as well which constitute the basis of data transformation.2) Presentation and implementation of data transformation algorithm. By means of XPath and XSD2RDB algorithm, a standard INSERT sentence is constructed and executed, such an extracted data from a XML instance document is stored into the relational database.3) Presentation and implementation of constructing SQL(SELECT) sentence and outputing XML data algorithm. Utilizing a XML Schema template (document) and XSD2RDB algorithm, a standard SELECT sentence is constructed and executed, then output a XML instance document whose format according to the XML Schema template document.4) Design of the XRMTE system architecture.The system architecture in which the schema mapping is masterstroke is modularized for provides a bottom level service for enterprise applications via schema transformation andbusiness logic encapsulation.5) Implementation of the XRMTE system architecture. The XRMTE syetem is implemented based on the J2EE-flat-technology, which is one of the most important technologies in enterprise applications. In addition to this, EJB,JDBC,SQL,XML and more other technologies are synthetically applied to get high performance and good flexibility,such as encapsulating business logic using EJB, communicating between components using RMI and CORBA,etc. The system is found to be flexible and expansible, prone to packaging and deploying.
Keywords/Search Tags:XML, W3C XML Schema, schema mapping, relational schema, schema component, JDBC
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