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Adaptive Inverse Control And Its Application Research

Posted on:2004-04-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X J LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360092481960Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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The feedback control mode of conventional control and adaptive control is to enhance the system's performance and to erase disturbance through feeding back output and disturbance simultaneously. Adaptive inverse control doesn't need too much advanced knowledge. We can design good adaptive inverse control without knowing plant's mathematic model. The control of plant's dynamic response and plant's disturbance erasion is respectively done. They don't impact each other. So we can best enhance the system's performance and erase disturbance. We can not only acquire good dynamic response, but also make noise and disturbance minimum. In this paper, we concentrate on adaptive inverse control and its appliance. Firstly, based on the classical adaptive inverse control theories, linear adaptive control is studied and two kind of improved adaptive inverse control is put forward. Based on X-filtered LMS algorithm and -filtered LMS algorithm adaptive inverse control, we use a new variable step size LMS algorithm. Adding little computation, variable step size LMS algorithm can result in fast convergence speed and low residual error simultaneously. The adaptive feedback control can counteract the beginning error of the system. The adaptive disturbance canceler can best erase noises and disturbances. Secondly, nonlinear adaptive inverse control is researched. We introduce a kind of shunt-wound structure with a linear adaptive filter and a nonlinear adaptive filter. Using it, we design adaptive modeling, adaptive inverse modeling and controller. This paper presents a kind of nonlinear adaptive inverse control with -filtered algorithm, which has adaptive disturbance canceler and feedback compensation in it. Simulation studies have shown that this nonlinear adaptive inverse control system can erase disturbances and result in fast convergence speed. So it is convenient for appliance.Finally, two appliance of adaptive inverse control are given in this paper. The first appliance is a new anti-noise telephone based on adaptive inverse control theories. The second appliance is designing adaptive speed regulating systems using the theories of adaptive inverse control.
Keywords/Search Tags:Adaptive control, Adaptive inverse control, LMS algorithm, nonlinear, adaptive disturbance canceler
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