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Physiological Responses Of Artemisia Anethifolia To Various Salt-alkaline Stress

Posted on:2011-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2120360305989552Subject:Cell biology
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The salinization of soil is a widespread environmental problem and an important factor in limiting agricultural productivity. Salinization and alkalization frequently co-occur, and this has caused severe problems in some areas. For example, in northeast China, alkalinized grassland covers more than 70% of land area, and is expanding. However, relatively little attention has been given to this problem, and the insight into mechanisms of alkali tolerance was lacking.In this experiment, as the experimental material base Artemisia.Artemisia is an alkali salt and alkali resistance of plants。Two types of neutral salt (NaCl and Na2SO4) and two alkaline salts (NaHCO3 and Na2CO3) were mixed according to the molar ratio of9:1。Intensity of simulated salinity were 0mM, 100mM, 200mM, 300mM.,350 mM,400 mM Artemisia by alkaline growth conditions, ionic balance (Na+, K + and inorganic anions) and osmotic equilibrium (soluble sugar, proline, organic acids) for comparison. Results and discussion are as follows:(1) salt, alkali stress on the base of Artemisia seedling RGR with increasing salinity, alkali Artemisia seedling RGR overall declining trend, especially in alkaline stress 200 mM-300 mM between the RGR from 0.136 g·g-1 DW·d-1 to0.072 g·g-1 DW·d-1. Decreased obviously in the salt stress. Note the high alkaline stress damage to the plant is much larger than the high salt stress on plant damage.(2) salt and alkali stress on the base of Artemisia seedlings in the Na+, K+ impact with the stress intensity increases, salt, alkali stress were to base Artemisia seedling stems and leaves of Na+ concentration increased significantly, but the alkaline stress on Na+ concentration rise in degrees both greater than under salt stress.Salt and alkali stress were to SO42-concentration, but the rate of increase under alkaline stress is greater than salt. Salinity stress, NO3-concentration increased with salt concentration decreases. Artemisia base of H2PO4-concentration of vaccine, whether in salt or alkali stress, under stress, with stress intensity changes were not significantly changed.(3) salt and alkali stress on soluble alkali Artemisia seedlings of sugar as the stress intensity, stress alkali soluble sugar content increased significantly larger than the magnitude of salt stress.With the increasing stress intensity, salt and alkali stress are Artemisia seedlings to base a significant decrease in K+ concentrations, under alkaline stress, but decrease in K+ concentrations were higher than under salt stress. Shows the stress condition, there is antagonism between the two competition.(4) salt, alkali and alkaline stress on seedlings of Artemisia inorganic anion with the stress intensity increased, alkaline Artemisia seedlings in Cl-concentration changes under alkaline stress is small, but were slightly higher than the control; in salt stress is increase dramatically.Help build the soluble sugar may be under stress conditions, plants most likely to generate a product.(5) salt and alkali stress on the base of Artemisia seedlings re-proline under the conditions of low salt concentration, the two changes are not large, in more than 200mM, the two concentrations are substantially increased and the rate of increase alkaline stress greater than the rate of increase of salt stress. Note the accumulation of proline under stress have a certain specificity.(6) salt and alkali stress on the alkali content of organic acids in the two Artemisia seedlings in the low intensity of salt stress did not significantly accumulate only when the salinity was higher than 200mmol.L-1 only slowly increasing, while the rate of increase under alkaline stress larger. Under the same salt concentration, organic acid or alkaline stress were significantly higher than oxalic acid salt.In this study, proved the view that salt stress and alkaline stress are two different nature of the stress again.
Keywords/Search Tags:Alkali stress, Ionic balance, Osmotic adjustment, Salt stress
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