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1. Physiological Responses Of Five Woody Species To Saline And Alkali Stress And The Alleviation By Exogenous Substances
2. Comparison Of Organic Acids Accumulation In Puccinellia Tenuiflora Under Salt Stress And Alkali Stress
3. Comparative Studies On Anatomic Structures Of Four Species Of Gymnosperm Growing In Different Habitat
4. Comparative Structure Study On Two Species Of Rosaceae Plants Living In Songnen Plain
5. Effects Of Salt-alkaline Mixed Stresses On Growth Of Kochia Sieversiana And Statistical Analysis
6. The Study Of Saline-alkali Endurance Of Two Species Of Leguminosae Shrub In The Non-saline And Non-alkali Habitat
7. Study Of Comparing About Evolved Structure Between Populusx Canadensis Moench And Salix Matsudana Koidz. Under Salt And Mesophytic Environment
8. Effects Of Saline-alkali Stress On Seed Germination And Seedling Growth
9. Expression Of Genes From Limonium Bicolor Under NaHCO3 Stress And Functional Identification Of The VHA-c
10. The Responses Of Organic Acid Metabolism, Photosynthesis And Chlorophyll Fluorescence In An Alkali-tolerant Halophyte Chloris Virgata Under Alkali Stress And Salt Stress
11. Physiological Responses Of Artemisia Anethifolia To Various Salt-alkaline Stress
12. Dynamic Accumulation And Distribution Traits Of Solutes Participated In Osmotic Adjustment And Ion Balance In Suaeda Glauca Under Salt And Alkali Stresses
13. C4-Enzymes Related Photosynthetic Characteristics Of Woody Branches Chlorenchyma With Reference To Their Leaves
14. Cytochemical Localization Of H~+-ATPase In Root Of Puccinellia Tenuiflora Under Saline-alkali Stress
15. Analysis Of Chagannoor Saline-Alkaline Soil Chemical Composition And That's Effect On Biological Characteristic Of Salsa
16. Comparison Of The Evolutional Structure Of Elaeagnus Angustifolia L. In Different Ecological Environments
17. Physiological Characteristics Of Leymus Chinensis In Response To Freezing-thawing And Saline-alkali Stress
18. Functional Analysis Of Alkali Stress Responsive Genes TaARF9 And TaNTL5
19. Physiological Responses Of Leymus Chinensis- Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiont To The Interaction Of Nitrogen Deposition And Salt-alkali Stress
20. Effects Of Salt And Alkali Stresses On Photosynthesis And Saccharometabolism Of Chloris Virgata Seedlings
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