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Cyborg Intelligent Systems Based On Brain-Machine Integration:Research On Prototy Pes And Behavioral Verification

Posted on:2017-09-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y P YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1318330518973531Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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Machine intelligence and biological intelligence both have their own intrinsic merits and de-merits.Machines have advantages in accurate numerical computation,fast information retrieval,and almost unlimited storage,while living beings are good at sensing,learning,reasoning and imagination.Cyborg intelligence consists of both machine intelligence and biological intelligence.It aims to combine the strengths of two parties and overcome the difficulties that individual in-telligence cannot handle.Recent advances in the multidisciplinary fields of brain-machine inter-faces,cognitive science,computer science,materials science,and so on signal a closer connection between machines and living beings and a growing convergence of machine intelligence,and bi-ological intelligence.The cyborg intelligent system is the inevitable trend of the development of brain-machine interfaces,and a new approach to intelligence enhancement.It has a great potential in rehabilitation,entertainment,defense,security,and so on.So far there have been a lot of re-search on interaction paradigms and signal processing algorithms of the brain-machine interfaces,but the research of cyborg intelligent systems based on brain-machine integration is very rare.Under the guide of a framework of cyborg intelligent systems proposed by our research group,this dissertation gradually develops four prototype systems of cyborg intelligence,which deeply integrate the intelligence of living beings(human and rats)and intelligence of machines.There are three interaction paradigms between the brain and machine in these systems:from machine to brain,from brain to machine,and from brain to brain.Besides,our work provides a prelim-inary behavioral verification for the intelligence augmentation of cyborg intelligence.The main contributions are summarized as follows:(1)From machines to the rat brain:automatic training of rat cyborgs for navigationA rat cyborg is a kind of cyborg intelligent system,which is a combination of a rat and ma-chines.Before a rat cyborg can be used for navigation,a manual training process is required.However,the manual training process is very time-consuming and tedious,and the experimental data cannot be timely recorded.We first build a rat cyborg system,and then develop a novel cy-borg intelligent system,which is a vision-based automatic navigation training system,to free the trainers and present a better training result than the manual training.The interaction paradigm in this novel cyborg intelligent system is from machine to brain.Most importantly,a hierarchical automatic training framework is proposed to enable the continuous and synergistic adaptation be-tween machines and living beings.This framework consists of four modules:sensing,task model,training evaluation and adaptive adjustment.The experimental results show that our system is able to train the rat cyborgs in a short time.This work integrates the sensing,computing power of the computer with the mobility,learning capability of the rats.(2)From the human brain to machines:using human brain EEG signals to control a quadrotor EEG signals can discern human's action intents.We develop a novel cyborg intelligent system in which human brain signals are used to directly control a quadrotor.Signals from an EEG headset are transmitted wirelessly to a computer,then the decoded brain signals are converted to trigger the quadrotor to move in 3D space.The interaction paradigm in this system is from brain to machine.We propose a hybrid brain-machine interface,which is composed of motor imagery,EMG and EOG.This work integrates the mobility,perceptibility of the quadrotor with the cognition of human.Our system can be an assistive technology for the handicapped in their daily life,helping to augment their mobility and perceptibility.(3)From the human brain to the rat brain:using human brain EEG signals to control a rat cyborgOn the basis of research work(1)and(2),we develop a novel cyborg intelligent system,in which human brain signals are transmitted wirelessly to a computer,and the decoded brain signals are converted to stimulate the brain of a rat cyborg.The interaction paradigm in this novel cyborg intelligent system is from brain to brain.We use blink potential to give forward commands and motor imaginary related sensorimotor rhythms to give left and right commands.Algorithms of common spatial subspace decomposition and linear discriminant analysis are adopted in the sys-tem.The experimental results prove the effectiveness of our motor brain-computer-brain system.This work enables the information transmission from brain to brain,and integrates the sensing power of the computer with the mobility of the rat and cognition of the human.(4)Behavioral verification for cyborg intelligence:a case of maze solving Rats and computer both have their own strengths and weaknesses in spatial navigation.On the basis of research work(1),we first design a new kind of maze solving tasks,and then compare the performance of maze solving by computer,by individual rats,and by computer-aided rats.The experimental results show that the computer-aided rats have the best performance,thus provide a preliminary behavioral verification for the intelligence augmentation of cyborg intelligence.Fur-thermore,the computer-aided rat we build is a kind of novel cyborg intelligent system,in which the cognition,mobility and perceptibility of the rat are integrated with the sensing and comput-ing power of the computer.This work truly realizes the deep fusion of machine intelligence and biological intelligence.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cyborg Intelligence, Brain-machine Integration, Brain-machine Interfaces, Rat Cyborg, Brain-controlled Quadrotor, Automatic Training, Brain-to-brain Communication, Maze Solving
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