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Research On The Use Of Surface Plasmon Propagation Of Light Excimer Regulation

Posted on:2014-04-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J YaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1268330431971666Subject:Physical Electronics
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In this thesis, we investigate the effects of surface plasmons on the propagation of light, such as the sub-diffraction-limited imaging of metallic nano-rod arrays, optical nano-antennas and plasmon induced transparencies.The main results are as follows.1. Sub-diffraction-limited imaging of metallic nano-rod arrays in the optical and near infrared region.Based on numerical simulations, we find that the greatly enhanced electric field at local surface plasmon resonances will suppress the sub-diffraction-limited imaging of metallic nano-rod arrays. The resonances should be avoided to get the optimum resolution. Since there are no local surfaced resonances for long metal wires, the ability of sub-diffraction-limited imaging is determined by the loss of the wires. This can explain the difference between the short nano-rod arrays and the long wire arrays in sub-diffraction-limited imaging.2. U shape split ring resonator as an optical nano-antennaWe propose that the U shape split ring resonator can be used as an optical antenna to direct light emitted by an electric source to opposite directions at different wavelengths. We demonstrate the directional effects through numerical simulations and explain the phenomena by a two-dipole model. The performance of the antenna can be improved by putting the emitter in a super emitter structure.3. Dual-band plasmon induced transparencyA hybrid plasmonic waveguide system is investigated numerically. By adjusting the coupling between the plasmonic modes and the leaky waveguide modes, two PIT resonances can be realized. Under orthogonal polarizations, the distributions of the enhanced electric field around the nanoparticles are similar at different transmission peaks.
Keywords/Search Tags:surface plasmon, local surface plasmon resonance, sub-diffraction-limited imaging, optical nano-antenna, U shape, split ring resonatorplasmon induced transparency
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