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Research On Key Technologies Of Multi-wavelength All-optical 3R Regeneration And All-optical Logic

Posted on:2011-09-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:B C HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360308954592Subject:Communication and Information System
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The theoretical analysis and experimental research based on key technique of multi-wavelength all-optical 3R regeneration and all-optical logic are mainly investigated in this dissertation. Multi-wavelength all-optical clock recovery and all-optical decision are researched through experiments in order to develop the multi-wavelength 3R regeneration system, which is applied to WDM optical communication systems. The all-optical basic logic gate is achieved based on the semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA). Therefore, the all-optical combinational logic is realized.An F-P filter is the core device in the multi-wavelength all-optical clock recovery. The operation principle and transfer function of F-P filter are analyzed and the feasibility of extracting clock is demonstrated in time domain and frequency domain in the F-P filters. The relationship between the quality of the recovered clock and different parameters are researched through mathematical models and software simulation. The double-wavelength 10Gbit/s RZ clock recovery experiments has been completed based on a F-P filter with low finesse for the first time, which verifies the feasibility of multi-wavelength clock recovery based on F-P filter. The insensitive-wavelength clock recovery of 40Gb/s signal is obtained by an F-P filter with high finesse and the all-optical wavelength conversion. Experimental results show the high feasibility of Multi-wavelength clock recovery can be realized using the F-P filter.For the all-optical multi-wavelength decision, the optical parametric amplifier is the core components based on HNLF. The numerical model of fiber optical parametric amplification is analyzed, and the optical switching characteristics of pump with intensity modulation are researched in the optical parametric amplification. On this basis, the all-optical decision device is proved to be qualified as the all-optical regenerator based on the 10Gbit/s RZ. The regeneration ability to degraded signal is studied by adjusting the input signal wavelength, the signal transmission distance and signal-noise ratio.The all-optical multi-wavelength decision scheme is proposed in the asynchronous network for the first time, which includes the clock pumps with phase modulation and with orthogonal polarization in adjacent channel. The high power is needed for clock pump with intensity modulation to generate the decision window in the optical parametric amplification. Thus, the multiple pumps with intensity modulation resulting in the four-wave mixing (FWM) and cross-phase modulation (XPM) between the adjacent channels in multi-wavelength asynchronous decisions, which ultimately affect the decisions of the multi-wavelength regeneration. FWM can be effectively suppressed through the orthogonal polarization of adjacent channels, while the adoption of the clock phase modulation will suppressed XPM of adjacent channel.In addition, the scheme of clock pre-processing is proposed based on dispersion effect. The two of first order sidebands of pump with intensity modulation was out of phase by the dispersion effect, which transform the clock pump to be quasi-continuous wave in time domain. The processed pump is used to generate the decision gate, which can effectively suppress XPM interference between adjacent channels. The correctness of the scheme was verified through experiments.In the all-optical logic, the reconfigurable all-optical basic logic based on a single semiconductor optical amplifier is realized for the first time. On the basis above, the system experiment of 10 Gbit/s all-optical half-adder and half-subtraction based on two cascaded SOA has been accomplished.
Keywords/Search Tags:all-optical 3R regeneration, all-optical clock recovery, optical parametric amplifier, all-optical decision, all-optical logic, Fabry-Perot Filter
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