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Light Grating Sensors To Expand The Applied Research

Posted on:2007-03-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Fiber grating Sensors are new type of passive optical components, which can be used to measure lots of physical parameters. With the photosensitivity of fiber, they get the periodical distribution of refraction index in fiber core. Fiber gratings have several distinguished advantages over normal fibers. With the fast development, fiber grating sensors make lots of multiplex nerve sensing networks become possible, which can be adopted in the situation that normal sensors would be in trouble. With the fiber grating, lots of complex all optical communication networks and sensing networks become possible. As a new type of sensing technology, the fiber grating sensing technology has been caused extensively focus. At present, fiber grating sensors have been reported to measure lots of physical parameters, such as temperature, strain, pressure, displacement, intensity of pressure, tweak angle, acceleration etc, some of them have been in practical application.In this dissertation, we mainly focus on the research and realization of fiber Bragg grating sensors, including its'principle, structure, encapsulation, standardization, demodulation and multiplexing techniques. The contents are listed as follows:1. Generally introduce the sensing technique, especially the present situation and development of fiber and fiber Bragg grating sensor technique. The basic principle of fiber Bragg grating sensor and demodulation and multiplex technique can be found in this dissertation.2. We put forward a fiber grating vortex flux sensing system. It can be used to measure temperature and flux simultaneously. The resolution and precision of it reaches to 0.011nm and 0.5%F.S, respectively. The sensing principle, structure and experiment results of it are given.3. A new type of spoke fiber grating pressure sensor is raised. It can be adopted in execrable situation and the measure rang reach to 0-1000KN. The sensing principle, structure, encapsulation and demarcate equipment can be found in this dissertation4. We have designed and fabricated metal armoured FBG temperature sensor and ceramic FBG temperature sensor. The characters of metal armoured FBG temperature sensors are high sensitivity, rapid response, highly rigidity and easy embedded. The ceramic FBG temperature sensor also has lots of advantages, such as high isolation, flexible encapsulation. So, it can be used in high frequency, magnetism...
Keywords/Search Tags:Fiber Bragg Grating, Demodulation, spoke fiber grating pressure sensor, vortex flux FBG sensor, multi-parameters sensing, metal armoured FBG temperature sensor, ceramic FBG temperature sensor, smart sensing networks, error evaluation
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