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On Problems Of Decentralized Control For Uncertain Composite Time-Delay Systems

Posted on:2006-08-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Z LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360185477717Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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Modern society faces studying and dealing with the system problems with large dimension and complicated structure, which make the theory of large scale systems become a special field. In the theory of the large scale systems, it is important to study the theory of the composite systems because of its special structure (composed of a series of interconnected subsystems) and universality (such as electric power system, double elevating system, electrical net system, chemical industry etc).It is almost impossible to obtain an accurate mathematics model for the practical industrial process. Therefore, the model-based modern control theory is hard to use to analyze and synthesize a practical control system. The model uncertainties of systems will be a main cause of bad performance or even instability for control systems. On the other hand, time delay arises quite naturally in industrial and engineering systems. The existence of delay makes the system analysis and synthesis become more complicated and difficult. Meanwhile, delay is frequently a source of instability and performance degradation in many dynamic systems. So, it is of a great importance in theoretical and practical application to study the robust control for the uncertain time-delay systems.In this dissertation, based on Lyapunov stability theory, concepts of quadratic stabilization, also by using linear matrix inequality (LMI), matrix analyzing methods, the problem of robust stability analysis and robust stabilization for a class of uncertain composite time-delay systems is studied. Concerning the time-delay composite systems with norm-bounded uncertainties, the robust decentralized stabilization and the design of decentralized guaranteed cost controller by state feedback or output feedback are...
Keywords/Search Tags:composite systems, time-delay, Lyapunov stability, uncertainty, robust control, decentralized stabilization, state feedback, output feetback, linear matrix inequality, state observer, guaranteed cost control
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