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Keyword [Lyapunov stability]
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1. Research On Several Robust Iterative Learning Control Algorithms
2. Robust Filtering For Uncertain Systems With Time-Varying Delay In Network Environment
3. Study On Reinforcement Learning And Its Application For Upper Limb Robot-assisted Rehabilitation Systems
4. The Study Of Analysis And Synthesis For Hybrid Systems
5. Attitude Control Of A Rigid Body And Its Application To Robot Control
6. Analysis And Synthesis Of Linear Polytopic Uncertain Discrete-Time Systems
7. On Problems Of Decentralized Control For Uncertain Composite Time-Delay Systems
8. On Active Queue Management Algorithms And Stabilities Based On Control Theory
9. Intelligent Control Research Based On Multiple Models Switching
10. Stability Analysis And Robust Control For Uncertain Time-delay Systems
11. Control Of Position System Based On Sliding Mode Theory And Friction Compensation
12. Intelligent Backstepping Control And Analysis For Nonlinear Systems
13. Control And Stability Analysis Of Multi-Agent Systems
14. Stability Analysis And Control Of Several Classes Of Hybrid Dynamical Systems
15. Multirate Fuzzy Control Theory And Its Application Research On Direct Torque Control
16. Analysis And Synthesis Of Hamiltonian Systems With Time Delay And Saturation
17. Research On Stability Analysis Of Tele-Robotic Systems
18. Passive Control For A Kind Of T-S Fuzzy Descriptor Systems
19. Research And Application Of Traditional And Higher-order Sliding Mode Control
20. Stability And Robust Stabilization Of Switched Systems
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