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Research On Micro- And Nano-structured Photonic Devices And High Efficient Terahertz Difference Frequency Generation

Posted on:2016-02-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:R WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1108330485951974Subject:Photonics technology
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Micro- and nano-structured materials exhibit great potential in the fields of scientific research and production. The photonic devices based on liquid-filling MOF are promising for practical application. At the same time, the graphene-Pb S quantum dot(QD) hybrid field effect phototransistors(FEPTs) present great significance with high gain and high responsivity. Terahertz(THz) radiation has attracted much attention in both fundamental and applied research fields. The THz difference frequency generation with high efficiency will greatly promote the development of THz technology.The main contents and innovations of this dissertation are as follows:1. The cross section of MOF has been systematically analyzed for the optimization of the liquid-filling MOF devices. The greater air-filling ratio, longer incident wavelength, and fewer air holes can effectively enhance the performance. The thermo-optic characteristics of liquid-filling grapefruit MOF have been experimentally demonstrated.2. A reflective MOF sensor probe for temperature measurement has been demonstrated based on the infiltration of liquid mixtures. The optical source and the power meter lie on the same side of the MOF. The probe presents a tunable detective range.3. The Graphene-Pb S quantum dot(QD) hybrid field-effect phototransistors have been fabricated. The characteristics of responsivity, spectral response and transient response have been experimentally investigated. A novel theoretical model is firstly proposed for the responsivity model of the devices above with a transition factor α. The operation in linear region, transition region and saturation region is clearly divided based on α.4. A high efficient THz source has been realized based on adhesive free bonded(AFB) periodically-inverted KTP. The multi-coupled optical parametric oscillator has been investigated. The two idler waves from AFB KTP are more coherent, resulting in higher THz conversion efficiency.
Keywords/Search Tags:Microstructured optical fiber, Temperature sensor probe, Field-effect phototransistor, Graphene, Pb S quantum dot, Terahertz radiation, Difference frequency generation
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