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81. Research On The Key Technologies Of Electricity And Energy Efficiency Information Acquisition System Embedded Real-Time Database
82. Study And Application On The Retrieval Model Of Monitoring Data In Complicated Engineering System
83. Performance Optimization Of The Crowdsourcing System Based On Main Memory Database-Redis
84. Research And Implementation Of Patent Retrieval And Analysis System Based On Main Memory Database
85. Design And Implementation Of Security Trade System Of Securities Company Based On Main Memory Database
86. Design And Implementation Of An Analysis Oriented Index Mechanism Of Main Memory Database
87. Design And Implementation Of A Main-memory Distributed Database
88. Study On In-memory Database Technology And Application In Network Security Management System
89. The Design And Implementation Of Persistent In-memory Key-value Database For Non-volatile Memory
90. Research On The Dynamic Memory Management With Main Memory Database
91. Research On Optimization Of Main Memory Database Query Execution On Multi-core CPUs
92. Research On Internet Of Things Resource Management And Service Key Technology
93. Study On The Key Technology Of Log-Based Recovery In Main-Memory Data Management
94. The Microbenchmark Design And Performance Analysis Of Main Memory Database
95. Applied Research Of Main Memory Database Based Shared Memory In Telecom Billing System
96. Main memory database techniques for routing lookups in the Internet
97. Improving Main-Memory Database (MMDB) distributed transactional concurrency
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