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21. Studies Of Passive Mode-locked Fiber Laser Based On Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes
22. Principle Of Fiber Femtosecond Laser And Its Application In The Length Measurement
23. Quantum Dot Mode-locked Laser Pulse Characteristics
24. Research On Nonlinear Polarization Rotation Mode-locked Fiber Laser
25. LD-pumped Novel All-solid-state Ultrafast Lasers Based On Ytterbium-doped Gain Media
26. Characteristics Of Dissipative Soliton Fiber Laser
27. The Research On Graphene-based Material Mode-locked Fiber Laser And Nonlinear Pulse Dynamics
28. Study On Graphene Mode-locked Erbium Doped Fiber Pulse Laser
29. Theoretical Study Of Ultrashort Pulse Mode-locked Fiber Laser Based On All Normal Dispersion
30. Investigation Of Ld Pumped Short Pulse Laser Performance Based On Nd3+ Doped Strontium Fluoride Disordered Crystal
31. Mode-locked All Polarization-maintaining Fiber Laser Based On A Nonlinear Amplifying Loop Mirror
32. Research On Passive Harmonic Mode-locking Fiber Laser Based On Topological Insulator
33. Research On Ultrashort-pulse Fiber Laser Based On Nonlinear Amplifying Ring Mirror
34. Research On All-solid-state Pulsed Lasers Based On Novel Saturable Absorbers And Self-made SESAM
35. Passive mode locking of a diode-pumped hybrid neodymium:glass and neodymium:yttrium orthovanadate lasers
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