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181. Design And Implementation Of Government Information System Based On Web
182. Research On Structured Access Method Based On MongoDB
183. In-memory Database For Transaction Processing On GPU Architecture
184. The Design And Implementation Of The Information System Of The Academic Affairs Administration Of A College
185. Design And Implementation Of A Main-memory Distributed Database
186. The Application And Research Of The Key Technology Of Transaction Compution Based On Temporal Database
187. The Desgin And Implementation Of Transaction Processing Subsystem In The National Center Postal Convenient Service Station System
188. Research And Realization On Web Transaction Mechanism Of Supporting The Business Process
189. Design And Implementation Of Self Driving Car Rental System Based On B/S
190. The Design And Implementation Of Distributed Transaction Processing System Based On TCC
191. High Performance Transaction Processing On Distributed Storage
192. Database Logging For Scalable Transaction Processing
193. Concurrency Control For Highly Avilable Transaction Processing Systems
194. Design And Implementation Of Letters And Calls Transaction Management System For Shanghai City Government
195. Efficient And Reliable Transactional Processing Using HTM And RDMA
196. Design And Implementation Of Concurrent Distributed Transaction Processing Mechanism In PAR Platform
197. Design And Implementation Of Business System Of Bank Based On Micro-service
198. Research On Highly Scalable Transaction Processing In Parallel And Distributed Information Networking Database Management System
199. Real-time Database Design Of Industrial Control Configuration Software Based On Domestic Platform
200. Update and transaction processing in peer data sharing systems
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