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181. Research Of Acoustics Induced By Pulsed CO2 Laser In Water
182. Dynamic Research Of High-energy Laser Ablation Of Target
183. Lightwave Localization In Disordered Media And Random Lasing
184. Research On Algorithms Of Iris Recognition And System Implementation
185. Study On Beam Characteristics Of High Power Transverse F Low CO2 Laser And Its Influence On Processing Quality
186. Study Of Signal PSD And Pulse Shape Design In Ultra-wideband Wireless Communication
187. Research On Ultrafast UV Laser And UV Filamentation
188. Property Optimization Of Femtosecond Lasers
189. Generation And Optimizational Control Of High-order Harmonic
190. Research On 266nm Ultraviolet Laser
191. Pulse Compression With Very Low Sidelobe For Spaceborne Weather Radar
192. Study On Compliant Force Control Of Pneumatic Hydraulic Combination Control System
193. Photonic Processing Techniques Of Microwave Signals And Millimeter-Wave Band ROF System Design Based On Lithium Niobate Modulators
194. Research On A Wave Erection Marx Generator And Its Applications
195. A Repetitive Gigawatt Pulse Generator With A Compact Tesla Transformer
196. Study Of All-Solid-State Q-switched And Doubly Q-switched Lasers
197. Study On Theoretical And Experimental Characteristics Of Laser-diode-pumped Q-Switched And Mode-locked Laser
198. Theoretical And Experimental Studies On Nd:YAG Ceramic Lasers And Investigations On Light Diffusion In TiO2 Random Media
199. The Signal Processing Techniques Study For Profiling Sonar Based On Small Carrier
200. Research Of Pulse Compression Radar Signal Intra-pulse Feature Analysis And Processing Technology
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