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Keyword [non-fragile control]
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1. Analysis And Control For T- Fuzzy Singular System With Time-delay
2. On Control Problems Of Delta Operator Formulated Discrete Time Systems
3. Stability Analysis And Control Of Several Classes Of Hybrid Dynamical Systems
4. Study On LMI Based Predictive Control For Systems With Time-delay
5. Robust Control And Filtering For Neutral Stochastic Time-Delay Systems
6. Non-fragile Delay-dependent Robust Control For Uncertain Linear Delay-systems
7. Fuzzy Controller Design And Application For Nonlinear Systems Based On T-S Models
8. Robust H_∞ Control And Filter Design For Neutral Stochastic Time-delay Systems
9. Research On Robust Stability And Control For Nonlinear And Time-delay Uncertain Stochastic Systems
10. Research On Dual Adaptive Control
11. Optimization Design Of Quantized Control Systems Based On LMI Technique
12. Passive Control For A Kind Of T-S Fuzzy Descriptor Systems
13. Passive Analysis And Control Problem For A Class Of Singular Systems
14. Non-fragile Robust Control For Uncertain Discrete Singular System And Robust Performance Analysis
15. Finite-time Control For Stochastic Systems
16. Robust Control For Delay Stochastic Systems
17. State Feedback Controller Design For Linear Uncertainty Systems
18. T-S Model-Based Robust Non-fragile Fuzzy Control Of Nonlinear Systems
19. Robust Non-fragile Control Of Linear Networked Control Systems
20. The Non-Fragile Control Of T-S Fuzzy Model
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