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Keyword [dual-core fiber]
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1. Study On Special Fibers Based On Mode Coupling And Higher Order Mode Photonic Bandgap Fibers
2. Theory And Experiment Study Of The Poled Fiber Electro-optic Intensity Modulator
3. Research On Transmission Characteristics And Application Of Novel Dual Core Fiber
4. Design Of Novel Photonic Crystal Fiber And Sensing Applications
5. Design And Property Analysis On Dispersion Compensation Photonic Crystal Fiber
6. Locking Mode Of All Solid State Laser With New Nonlinear Optical Material
7. Fiber Sensors Based On Eccentric Hole-assisted Dual-core Fiber
8. Study On Refractive Index Sensing Characteristics Of Dual-core Fiber Based On Surface Plasmas
9. Research On Interference-type Dual-core Curvature Optical Fiber Sensing Technology
10. Mode Selective Coupler Based On Hole-Assisted Dual-Core Fiber
11. Special Dual-core Fiber Sensors With Embedded Long Period Fiber Grating
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