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Keyword [Query Processing]
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1. The Research On Qualitative Reasoning And Query Technology Of Directional Relationships In Three-Dimensional Space
2. Research On Key Techniques Of High Performance Spatial Query Processing For Large Scale Spatial Data
3. User Preference Query Processing Over Data Stream
4. The Study Of Novel Spatial Query Processing Techniques In Complex Spatial Environments
5. Study On Key Techniques Of Web Focused Entity Relation Query Processing And Analysing
6. Research On Web Resources Based Construction Of Bilingual Dictionaries And Query Processing
7. Issues On The Query Processing Of Corpora Based On Relational Model
8. Top-K Query Processing On Euclidean Space And Road Networks
9. Key Techniques Of Spatio-Textual Query Processing
10. Online Aggregation Optimization For BIG Data In Cloud
11. The Study Of The Probabilistic Query Processing Techniques And The Analysis Of The Reachable Region For Moving Objects Located In A Constrained Space
12. The Data Mining Technology And Application
13. Integrated Query Processing Over Autonomous Heterogeneous Data Sources
14. The Research On Client Semantic Caching In Mobile Database
15. The Research On Some Key Techniques Of Object Relational Data Base Management Systems
16. Data Management In Peer-to-Peer Systems
17. Query Processing And Optimization In Heterogeneous Information Integration
18. Querying, Transformation And Integration Of XML Data
19. Study On Techniques Of Object-Oriented XML Data Management
20. Study On Some Key Techniques Of Non-fully Structured XML Query Processing
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