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1. Research On Robust Model Predictive Control Based On Polytope
2. Research On Application Of Stochastic Resonance And Chaos Theory In Weak Signal Detection
3. Research On The Key Technologies Of Image Encryption Based On FPGA
4. Study On Adaptive Iterative Learning Control For Several Classes Of Nonlinear Systems
5. Study On Chaoticity Of Memristive Neural Network And Synchronization Control Of Several Delayed Neural Networks
6. Research On Image Encryption Using Chaos Theory
7. Chaotic Synchronization And Its Application In Image Encryption
8. Fault Detection For Electric Cable And Optical Fiber Using Microwave Chaos
9. Concentration Inequalities For U-processes And Applications To Learning Theory
10. Distributed Stochastic Model Predictive Control
11. Research On Robustness Of Chaotic Systems With Application In Image Encryption
12. Study On Chaos Anti-control And Its Application Of Continuous-time And Switching Systems
13. Study On Time-Delay And Complexity Characteristics Of Chaos In Semiconductor Lasers
14. Dynamics Of Switched Systems With Time Delay And Its Applications In Memristor-Based Neural Networks
15. Research Of Public Key Cryptography Based On Chebyshev Polynomials And The Related Work
16. Research On Intelligent Identification And Control Of Chaotic System
17. Analog Circuit Fault Diagnosis Based On Neural Network&Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm
18. Study On Chaos Based Pseudorandom Sequence Algorithm And Image Encryption Technique
19. Research On Chaos In Passive Dynamic Walking Using Nonlinear Time-series Analysis
20. Blind Despreading Of Chaotic Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Signals Based On Particle Filters
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