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181. Dynamical Complexity Research Of Artificial Neneural Network Systems
182. Research On Internet Traffic, Delay Properties And Prediction Model
183. Research On Reconfigurable Dynamic Logic Computing
184. Research On Algorithm Of Anticontrol And Control Of Chaos In Discrete Dynamical Systems
185. Research On Chaos Encryption Algorithms And Message Authentication Codes
186. Study On Physical Mechanism Of Bifurcation And Chaos Behavior In Thyristor
187. The Key Technologies In IDMA Communication Systems And Applications Of IDMA In Cooperative Wireless Communication
188. Danger Model Immune Algorithm And Its Application Research
189. Research On Synchronization Of Chaotic System And Its Application In Secure Communication
190. Cancellation Of Sea Clutter Based On Chaos Theory
191. Sea Clutter Chaotic And Fractal Characteristic Analysis, Modeling And Small Target Detection
192. Research On Antenna Array Synthesis Of Immune Algorithm
193. Waveform Design And Signal Delay Of Continuous-Chaos Frequency-Modulating Radar
194. Chaotic Dynamics And Phase Locking Of Self-organized Doped-insulator Laser Arrays
195. Study Of Weak Photo-electric Signal Detection Based On Chaotic Oscillator
196. Research On Chaotic Behavior And Chaotic Control Of Networks
197. Some New Algorithms Of The Application On Chaotic Security Communication And Chaotic Control
198. Research On Synchronization Technology For Chaos Secure Communication
199. GPS Ionospheric Prediction Research Based On Chaotic Theory
200. Chaotic Neural Networks Based On Wavelet And Hysteresis And Their Applications
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