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21. Phase-sensitive Optical Time Domain Reflectometry & Applications
22. Research On Attribute-and-relationship Oriented Privacy-preserving Data Mining
23. Key Technology Researchonlog Storage And Analysis System On Cloud Platform
24. Compressive Estimation Of Fast Time-varying Channels In OFDM Systems
25. High Efficiency Cooperative Coding And Massive MIMO Technologies
26. Research On Image Splicing Detection By Statistical Feature Analysis
27. Distributed Consensus Of Multiple Euler-Lagrange Systems Based On Sampled-data Information Exchanges
28. Research On QoS Guarantee Over Distributed Cognitive Radio Networks
29. Research On Distributed Parallel Skyline Queries Over Uncertain Data
30. Pan-Sharpening Of Remote Sensing Images With Fusion Framework And Sparse Representation
31. Key Techniques For Multiuser Random Access In OFDMA/SC-FDMA Systems
32. Study On Distributed Network-Channel Coding In Wireless Sensor Networks
33. Research On Energy Efficient Resource Management For Cognitive Radio Networks Enhanced By Distributed Antennas
34. Research On The Coordinated Multi-Point Transmission Technology Based On The Distributed Multi-Cell System
35. Research On Key Technologies Of Muliti-Cell Cooperative Processing
36. Research On Content Based Image Retrieval In The Distributed System
37. Study Of Multi-cell Multi-carrier Wireless Access Network Based On Radio-over-Fiber System
38. Study Of Throughput Evaluation Modelling And Network Performance In WLAN-over-fiber Distributed Antenna System
39. Research On Distributed Heterogeneous Model Composition And Execution
40. Researches On Energy-Efficiency Aware Scheduling For Heterogeneous Computing
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