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1. A Long Term Affect Of Low SO2(0.857mg/m3) Concentration On The Photosynthetic Energy Transition In Vernicia F
2. Distribution Of Excited Energy And Photoprotective Mechanisms During Photosynthesis In Higher Plants
3. Studies On Fatty Acid Composition Of Marine Diatoms
4. Thermotolerance Of Photosynthesis In Salt-adapted Halophyte And Glycophyte
5. Studies On Osmotic Adjustment And Photosynthetic Adaptations Of Iris Lactea Pall. Var Chinensis Koidz Grown In Salt And Alkali Soil
6. Studies On The Responses Of Desert Algae To Ultraviolet Radiation And The Algal Crust Formation Under Field Conditions
7. Isolation High Chlorophyll Fluorescence Mutants In Arabidopsis Thaliana And Functional Analysis Of PPT1 Gene
8. The Regulation Of Light Harvesting In The Photosynthetic Apparatus Of Plants
9. Studies On Effects Of Salt Stress On The Photosynthesis Of Spirulina Platensis
10. Phenology, Leaf Structure And Function, And Seasonal Variation In Photosynthesis Of Woody Plants In A Dry-Hot Valley Of Yuanjiang, Southwestern China
11. Chlorophyll Fluorescence Of 20 Species Of Wetland Plants
12. Studies On Rapid Propagation, Cryopreservation And Shade Tolerance Of Gesneriaceae
13. Investigations On Chlorophyll Fluorescence Remote Sensing
14. The Photosynthesis Responses To Water Stress And Light-flecks In Tropical Epiphytic And Terrestrial Ferns
15. Studies On Photosynthesis Of Phytoplankton In China Sea
16. Research On Plant Physiology Information Detecting Techniques Based On Chlorophyll Fluorescence Spectral Analysis
17. Suppression Of Phytoene Desaturase Gene Affects On The Function Of Photosynthesis
18. The Intrinsic Growth Kinetics And Energy Utilization Of Synechococcus Sp. PCC7942 In Autophototrophic Culture
19. Spatiotemporal Dynamics Of Stomatal Oscillations Inducing By Microbes-Foliar Microenvironment Interactions And Its Mechanisms
20. Effects Of Environmental Stresses (Salt-Stress, Heat-Stress, Osmotic-stress) On Two Marine Phytoplankton
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