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Top Thesis List
1. Characterization Of Flow-induced Structures In Carbon Nanotube Suspensions
2. Taken Out Of Context: American Teen Sociality In Networked Publics
3. Spatial Interference Cancellation And Channel Estimation For Multiple-input Multiple-output Wireless Communication Systems
4. Spatial Varaibility Of Foliar Nitrogen In The Adiriondack Park, New York
5. Obtaining Responsiveness In Resource-Variable Environments
6. Singer’s Guide To Karol Szymanowski’s Opera King Roger, Op. 46
7. Divine Wrath: Its Rhetorical Use By The Contemporary Writers Of Isaiah, Jeremiah, And Ezekiel For Social Control In The Aftermath Of Jerusalem's Destruction
8. An Examination Of The Role Of Women In Conflict Management: Sierra Leone A Case Study
9. Livelihood Strategies Of The Aged People In Mubaira Community, Zimbabwe
10. Hand Tracking, Finger Identification, And Chordic Manipulation On A Multi-touch Surface
11. The Contribution Of Business Intelligence To Strategic Management
12. Nuclear Power And Justice Between Generations
13. Analysis Of Radial Growth Patterns Of Strip-bark And Whole-bark Bristlecone Pine Trees In The White Mountains Of California: Implications In Paleoclimatology And Archaeology Of The Great Basin
14. Carrier Based Pwm-vsi Drives In The Overmodulation Region
15. To Be African Or Not To Be: An Autoethnographic Content Analysis Of The Works Of Dr. Asa Grant Hilliard, III (nana Baffour Amankwatia, II)
16. Integrated Analysis Of Genetic And Proteomic Data
17. Assessment Of Employee Perceptions On Decentralisation Of Shared Services: A Case Study Of World Agroforestry Centre, ICRAF
18. Elucidating Mechanisms Of Base Excision Repair And Genetic Instability In Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
19. The Relationship Between Nurse Nutrition Knowledge And Unintentional Weight Loss In Nursing Home Residents
20. Evidence Based Practice Among Primary Care Nurse Practitioners
21. Battle Of The Brains: Election-night Forecasting At The Dawn Of The Computer Age
22. A Distributed Architecture For Interactive Robots Based On A Knowledge Software Platform
23. Modeling And Services For Adaptive Collaborative Delivery Of Annotated Multimedia Resources
24. A Study On Information Sharing Based On Personal Network
25. Information Sharing Among Heterogeneous Information Resources
26. Blistering And Waveguide Fomation In Optical Crystal Materials By Ion Lmplantation
27. Study On The Strain Distribution Of The Barrier Layer And The Polarization In GaN-Based Electron Devices
28. Research Of GaN Growth On The Porous Substrates By HVPE
29. Counter Rumor Models And Multi-rumors Spreading Dynamics On Complex Networks
30. Research On Dual-Loss-Modulated Low Repetition Rate Subnanosecond Mode-Locking Pulse Lasers And Nonlinear Frequency Conversion Properties
31. Investigation Of Eye-safe Laser And Supercontinuum Generation
32. Rescarch On Ronting Protocols With Low Energy Consumption For Wireless Sensor Networks
33. The Study On Characteristics Of All Solid-state Mid-infrared Two Micrometer Lasers
34. Research On Wireless Communication Algorithms Based On Neural Networks
35. The Study Of John Fiske’s Media Culture Theory
36. Convergence Journalism:Gathering And Presentation
37. Research On Routing Protocols Based On Virtual Coordinate For Wireless Sensor Networks
38. Investigation Of Graphene Based Plasmonic Filters
39. Theories And Algorithms For Fast Designs Of Two-dimensional Constrained FIR Filters
40. Research On Flip Ambiguity In Wireless Sensor Networks Node Loealization
41. Study Of Improving Light-emitting Efficiency Of Thin-Film Flip-Chip LED By Nano-scale Structures
42. Research On Attribute Based Searchable Encryption
43. Research On Broadcasting And Hosting Language’s Influence
44. Researches On Optimization Modeling Methods Of Support Vector Machine
45. Studies On Image Segmentation Methods Based On Visual Saliency
46. Research On Deception Detection For Chinese Text
47. Improving On Thermal Effect In Gain Medium And Experimental Investigation Of All-solid-state High-Power Single-Frequency Lasers
48. Networked Control And Filtering For Nonlinear Systems Based On Fuzzy Models
49. Research On ScienceBlogs
50. The Investigation Of Quantum Correlation And Optical Photonic Structure In Cesium Atomic Ensemble
51. Dynamic Characteristics Of Micro-Diaphragm Of Resonant Biochemical Sensors Considering The Effect Of Residual Stress
52. Research On Social Relation Based Recommendation Algorithms In Social Networks
53. Research On Data Placement And Replication Strategy In Cloud Computing
54. Selected Problems On Mining Massive Strfaming Data
55. Rescarch Of Target Continuous Tracking In Multi-Camera Surveillance Network
56. Research On Performance Tuning Of Matrix Multiplication Based On GPU
57. Distributed Optimization Control Of The Multi-agcnt Systems
58. Research On The Data Transmitting Schemes For Large-Scale VANET
59. Cryptanalysis Of Hash Function GOST R And Block Cipher ITUbee And KASUMI
60. Research On Wood Identificantion Based On Semi-supervised Learning
61. Research On Curve And Surface Fitting Problems In Image Processing
62. Research On Entity Evolution And Corelation In Web Data Integration
63. Research On Placement Mechanism For SaaS Multi-Tenant Data
64. Research On Automatic Annotation, TAG Processing And Reranking In Image Retrieval
65. Studys On Sensing Mechanism Of New Type Materials To CO And CO2
66. Waveguide Properties Of Ion-Irradiated Optical Crystals And Chalcogenide Glasses
67. Optical Channel Waveguides In Dielectric Crystals: Fabrication, Lasing And Second Harmonic Generation
68. Research On Influence Measurement And Popularity Prediction In Online Social Networks
69. A Dynamic Building Method Of Mobile Agent Path Based On Service Recommendation
70. Study Of Several Key Problems In Biometrics Based On Machine Learning Techniques
71. Output Feedback Regulation For Several Classes Of Feedforward Nonlinear Systems
72. Consensus Of Linear Multi-agent Systems With Communication Delay
73. Investigation Of Plasmonics And Photochemical Machining Technology On GaP Surface
74. The Effect Of Surface Nanostructures On The Luminescence Efficiency Of GaN LED
75. Model-Based Data Provenance In Semantic Web Environment
76. Study On Science And Techology Monitoring Based On Literature
77. Research On Robust Speech Recognition Method Of Agricultural Market Information Acquisition
78. The Information System Of National Infrastructure For Crop Germplasm Resources Based On Resource Unified Identifier
79. Image Representation, Matching And Recognition With Graph Theory And Sparse Constraint Models
80. The Media And City Under The Third Space Theory
81. Research On Video Abnormal Event Detection And Authentication Methods
82. Stress Response Mathematic Model And Its Application In Reply Plan
83. Silicon-based On-Chip Multiplexing Devices For Optical Interconnects
84. Imaging Theoretical Modeling And System Analysis Of Smooth Surface Defect Evaluation Based On Light Scattering Method
85. Study Of Optical Micro/Nanofiber Sensors Based On Microfluidic Chips
86. The Key Processing Technologies Of Microscopic Video Stream And Its Application
87. The Research On Micro- And Nano- Structure Enhanced SPR Imaging Sensing Technology
88. Monolithically Integrated Semiconductor Laser-modulator Based On Quantum Well Intermixing
89. Study Of 1550 Nm And 2μm Fiber Lasers Based On Nonlinear Effects
90. Silicon-based Arrayed Waveguide Grating For Optical Interconnects
91. Studies Of Some Cavity-based Devices Based On Photonic Crystals And Spoof Surface Plasmons
92. Optical Waveguide Biosensors Based On Silicon-on-Insulator Platform
93. Microring Resonators And Photodetectors With SU-8 Optical Waveguides On Silicon
94. The Multi-Scale Simulation Technology Of MMC And Its Application
95. Study On Large Area And High Efficiency Tandem Organic Light-Emitting Devices
96. Light Manipulation For Organic Electronics Using Bio-inspired Moth Eye Nanostructures
97. Study On Large-Capacity Digital Coherent Fiber-Wireless Integration System And Network
98. Research On Time-Frequency Analysis Based Music Identification And Singing Separation Algorithms
99. Research On The Performance And Scalability Of Virtual Environments On Multicore
100. Improving The Scalability Of Deterministic Replay