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Research On Path Planning Algorithm Of Autonomous Bionic Mobile Robot

Posted on:2022-01-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H C HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2518306575981939Subject:Control Science and Engineering
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Robots have always been a hot spot for researchers.How to make robots can completely replace humans.Apart from the research on the physical structure of robots,robot-related technology is also an important part,and path planning technology is robotrelated technology.Core.According to the environment and the number of robots,path planning can be divided into static,dynamic and multiple robots.This article is based on the intelligent bionic algorithm-ant colony algorithm,and takes robot path planning as the object.By improving algorithm,combined with strategies,the path planning of robots in different environments is realized.The main contents of the research are as follows:1)There is an research on the path planning of a single robot in a static environment.First,analyze the principle of the algorithm,discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the algorithm,and then aim at the defects of the algorithm itself,starting from the three directions of the global pheromone update mechanism,heuristic function,and the problem of easy to fall into deadlock under special circumstances,and make corresponding improvements.Finally,a simulation model is established on MATLAB.The simulation results show that improves the efficiency of robot global path planning.2)There is an research on the path planning of a single robot in a dynamic environment.First,analyzecharacteristics of dynamic obstacles,classify collision types,and then propose corresponding collision avoidance strategies,complete dynamic collision avoidance,and finally adopt secondary planning.The algorithm is simulated and verified on MATLAB,and the simulation results show that the algorithm is feasible.3)There is an research on the path planning in multi-robot dynamic environment.First,the characteristics of the multi-robot system architecture are analyzed,the path conflicts that may occur between the robots in the system are analyzed,and the priority strategy is adopted to complete the path coordination of the multi-robot system.Finally,the simulation verification is performed on MATLAB.The simulation results show that the multi-robot system can complete path planning in a dynamic environment.Figure 46;Table 1;Reference 60.
Keywords/Search Tags:ant colony, path planning, dynamic environment, multi-robot system
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