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Modeling And Optimization Design Of Intelligent Production Line Scheduling Problem Under Multi-dimensional Index Constraints

Posted on:2022-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M R LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2518306509990379Subject:Control Engineering
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Traditional production mode has the problems of low production efficiency and large resource consumption.In order to improve the market competitiveness,enterprises pay more and more attention to the improvement of workshop production scheduling scheme,so as to improve production efficiency and reduce production cost.Flexible job shop scheduling problem(FJSP)is one of the most complex optimization problems in manufacturing industry.It is a typical NP-hard problem,which mainly includes two sub-problems: machine selection(MS)and operations sequencing(OS).In this paper,modeling and optimization design of intelligent production line scheduling problem under multi-dimensional index constraints are studied based on flexible job-shop scheduling problem.According to the actual situation and production demand of flexible production line,the constraints and optimization objectives are determined,and the scheduling mathematical model is established.For the single objective optimization problem,the operation objective is to minimize the maximum completion time.In order to better solve the problem,a variant of grasshopper optimization algorithm(GOA)named dynamic opposite learning assisted GOA(DOLGOA)is proposed.23 standard benchmarks are used to evaluate the performance of five algorithms,and the superiority of DOLGOA is verified.Then,the algorithm is applied to the single objective flexible job-shop scheduling problems,and good results are obtained.For multi-objective optimization problem,select the makespan,machine total load,delay time and the total energy consumption as the optimization objectives.Multi-objective evolutionary algorithm based on decomposition(MOEA/D)is chosen to solve the problem.The simulation results show that the proposed method has achieved obvious improvement on the four optimization objectives,which verifies the effectiveness of the MOEA/D to solve the multi-objective flexible job-shop scheduling problem.Additionally,MOEA/D is applied to the workshop scheduling optimization of the actual production line,and the obvious optimization effect is also obtained,which shows that the method has the conditions of application in the actual production line.
Keywords/Search Tags:Flexible Job Shop Scheduling, Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm, Dynamic Opposite Learning, MOEA/D, Multi-objective Optimization
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