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Research On The Design And Analysis Of Safe And Effective Identity Authentication And Key Consensus Protocol

Posted on:2019-02-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Q WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2438330545990740Subject:Software engineering
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Information encryption is one of the important section in the research of computer networks security.The key is a variable part in the encryption algorithm,and determines the security of the communications.Therefore,how to verify the identity of each other and reach a session key becomes the core for ensuring information security.The authentication and key agreement(AKA)protocol is necessary when different users want to verify the identity and share a session key at the same time.Although,a number of AKA protocols have been proposed,but there are still some security drawbacks in these protocols.In this paper,we analyzed the existing protocols and we mainly carried out the following work:According to the AKA protocol of Liang Ni et al.We proposed an improved two-party AKA protocol.After analyzing Liang Ni et al.'s protocol we found that the authentication step of their protocol is imperfect.It is dangerous that communication parties share a session key without authentication.We added perfect authentication steps by using the thoughts and methods of signature in the improved protocol,which can verify the identity of both parties effectively and improve the security of the protocol.Through the security analysis of Odelu-Das et al.'s AKA protocol,we found that Odelu-Das et al.'s protocol cannot withstand a linear attack.According to this drawback we proposed an improved AKA protocol.In the improved protocol,we increase the randomness of signature and improve the authentication algorithm which can make identity authentication more effective and the impersonation attacks are difficult to success.After analyzing Wei-Liang Tai et al.'s AKA protocol for WSN,we found that their protocol suffers from a security flaw about the authenticity of identity.We attacked their protocol by using user impersonation attack,sensor impersonation attack and man-in-the-middle attack.And then,we improved Wei-Liang Tai et al's AKA protocol.In improved protocol,we changed the method of identity information providing between sensor nodes and users.The proposed protocol can resist the impersonation attacks effectively and the security is improved.
Keywords/Search Tags:Identity Authentication, Key Agreement, Information security, Cryptography Protocol
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