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Research On Filter Design And Stabilization Control Of Fuzzy Networked System In The Environment Of Network Quantization And Packet Loss

Posted on:2021-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J F XiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330614963639Subject:Control engineering
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Withthe continuous update of communication technology and computer technology,network control system has been widely used in the actual industrial control system,and has made great progress in control accuracy,system capacity and economy.However,due to some defects of the control system network itself,such as network quantization,network packet loss,etc.,it will also bring some new challenges in signal filtering and network control.In this paper,the problems of filter design and stabilization control of fuzzy networked systems in the environment of network quantization and packet loss are studied.Based on Takagi Sugeno(T-S)fuzzy model,the peak to peak filtering design method of networked DC motor system,the T-S fuzzy reliable control design method of nonlinear system and the T-S fuzzy multi time switching reliable control design method of nonlinear system are proposed respectively.Specifically,this paper includes the following three parts:1.Aiming at the problem of signal filtering in DC motor network control system which is widely used in industry,a design method of peak to peak filtering in networked DC motor system is proposed.T-S fuzzy model is used to model the nonlinear term of motor system,and considering the influence of fuzzy weighting function variable by network quantization,an interval representation method of fuzzy weighting function is proposed.The interval range information of fuzzy weighting function is integrated into the design of real-time switching filter.When the designed filter runs online,it can classify the quantized fuzzy weighting function into the corresponding group in real time,and then switch to the corresponding working mode.Because more filter gain matrix is introduced,the performance of the filter error system satisfying the given peak to peak performance index on the basis of asymptotically stable is better than the related results in recent literature.2.Aiming at the problem of fuzzy control design of nonlinear system under unreliable communication link,a T-S fuzzy reliable control design method of nonlinear system is proposed.In order to reduce the conservatism of previous research results,this paper extends the advanced homogeneous polynomial method to the problem of T-S fuzzy reliable control design of nonlinear systems,and designs a time delay controller based on the fuzzy weighting function of the current sampling time and the fuzzy weighting function of the previous sampling time.This controller can introduce more decision variables,so as to more flexibility and design margin will be generated,and finally the conservatism of control design conditions will be further reduced.In addition,it should be pointed out that the method reduces the conservatism of control design conditions and increases the computational complexity of control algorithm to a certain extent.3.In order to further improve the algorithm efficiency of the above-mentioned T-S fuzzy reliable control design,a T-S fuzzy multi time switching reliable control design method for nonlinear systems is proposed.Through the more detailed division of the joint space composed of multiple sampling times of the fuzzy weighting function,the more in-depth use of the potential useful information in the fuzzy system,a novel T-S fuzzy multi time switching reliable controller is proposed,and the control design conditions for further reduction of conservatism are obtained;more importantly,the proposed method successfully removes the complex augmented moments Array,which significantly reduces the computational complexity of the control algorithm,and obtains an ideal fuzzy control design solution for the nonlinear system under the unreliable communication link.
Keywords/Search Tags:Networked control system, T-S fuzzy model, Lyapunov function, peak to peak filtering, homogeneous polynomial matrix, linear matrix inequality, data packet loss, quantization
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