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Research On Anti-jamming Tracking Control Of Manipulator Based On Sliding Mode Control

Posted on:2021-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the advancement of technology,the application fields of industrial robot arms are also expanding rapidly.At present,the main application fields of domestic industrial robot arms are automotive,electronic and electrical,metallurgy,food and cosmetics.At the same time,with the refinement of the application of industrial manipulators,the requirements for various performance indicators of manipulators are also constantly increasing.Among them,the influence of environmental uncertain factors,the aging and wear of parts,and the accuracy of trajectory tracking in practical applications have attracted widespread attention.In order to solve the above problems,this article takes the industrial robot arm as the research object,and carries out the following work research.First of all,this article has simplified the EPSON C4-A901six-degree-of-freedom robotic arm in the laboratory experimental platform,analyzed its mechanical structure and established the coordinate system,and calculated forward and inverse kinematics.Mathematical model and SimMechanics manipulator link model and complete verification.Using C # to build the host computer platform independently,realize the TCP / IP communication between the host computer and the robot arm,complete the arc planning experiment and compare it with the simulation experiment,and verify the correctness of the forward and inverse kinematics modeling of the robot arm.Secondly,in order to realize the anti-jamming trajectory tracking control of the robotic arm,the dynamic differential equation of the EPSON C4-A901six-degree-of-freedom robotic arm is established.Theoretical analysis and research on PD control and traditional sliding mode control algorithms are performed.Based on the traditional variable structure sliding mode control,a compensation sliding mode controller is designed.The compensation sliding mode control structure not only considers the adjustment of the inertia term of the dynamic model,but also introduces the angle error to adjust the Coriolis matrix;and introduces the boundary layer saturation function control approach law.The simulation and comparison of theproposed control strategy can effectively improve the trajectory tracking accuracy.Furthermore,in view of the fact that chattering can easily occur due to the increase in control accuracy requirements for sliding mode control,a compensation sliding mode control strategy based on nonlinear disturbance observer is proposed.The design of the non-linear interference observer avoids the introduction of the acceleration feedback term of the robotic arm,and can accurately estimate the internal and external composite uncertain interference existing in the system,and compensate the system control input in real time.The combination of the two can further improve the trajectory tracking accuracy of the robotic arm and eliminate the "chatter" phenomenon of the system control input.Simulation experiments prove that the control strategy has strong anti-interference ability and stability.Finally,in order to realize the anti-jamming tracking control of the dual robotic arm coordination system,the interaction force between the end of the robotic arm and the object is analyzed,and a closed-chain system model of the dual robotic arm is established.Based on the previous compensation sliding mode control and combining with the Jacobian matrix,a feedback-compensated sliding mode control strategy for the dual-manipulator coordination system is designed,and the anti-interference and robustness of the proposed control strategy are verified by simulation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Manipulator, Kinematic, Dynamics, Trajectory planning, Tracking control, Nonlinear disturbance observer, Coordinated control
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