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Design And Implementation Of Multi-tenant Urban Population Housing Management System Based On Microservice

Posted on:2020-11-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Z ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330596498336Subject:Computer technology
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As agile development and application complexity continue to increase,the need for horizontal scaling and decoupling of application functions poses even greater challenges.The service-oriented software development architecture can solve the above problems well due to its many advantages such as standardization,loose coupling and decentralization.This paper study the town-oriented population housing management system and find that the traditional system is based on the MVC software architecture to serve a single town.As the application is extended to multiple towns,the needs of various organizations are constantly changing,and the agile iteration and intelligent maintenance of system functions give higher requirements.This paper urgently needs to transform the centralized application into a distributed service application,so as to fully utilize the resources of the cloud platform and provide application services and function maintenance for multiple organizations.This paper analyzes the design ideas of distributed applications,builds a service segmentation model for assisting distributed application design based on domain-driven design principles,and then uses Spring Cloud to implement the Saa S system for urban population housing management.Finally,in order to have the intelligent maintenance function of the service instance,this paper uses container technology and container orchestration framework to realize multi-instantiation and dynamic expansion and contraction deployment of services.The specific work content mainly has the following four points:1)Analyze and study the design principles of distributed applications,and then carry out four categories according to the functional roles of microservices in the system,including reusable microservices,auxiliary microservices,business logic microservices and management monitoring micro Service;combined with domain-driven design principles to build a service segmentation model.2)Based on the micro-service architecture and service segmentation model,the service architecture design of the function of the urban population housing management system.Through the service registration and discovery center to communicate between services to remove the dependency between services,and use Spring Cloud sub-project to develop the corresponding services.3)Secure isolation of multi-tenant data through horizontal and vertical segmentation of database middleware;use Redis cache database to optimize data requests;build Harbor private image repository to store image files,and let container orchestration cluster pull mirrors Generate a service instance.4)When the Docker container technology and the Kubernetes container orchestration framework are used to implement the service instance crash,the system self-recovers the corresponding service instance;when the resource utilization of the service increases or decreases,the system dynamically expands and shrinks the corresponding service instance to improve load capacity of the system.The multi-tenant urban population housing management system developed in this paper uses the micro-service architecture to decouple the functional applications,which improves the maintainability and scalability of the system.Combined with the container technology,the system has better performance under high and low views.
Keywords/Search Tags:microservice, container technology, service segmentation model, multitenant, urban population housing
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