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Design And Development Of SPOC Teaching Platform Based On Community Cloud

Posted on:2020-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Z DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330578967297Subject:Software engineering
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Small Private Online Course,also known as SPOC,has the characteristics of small student number and only opens to specific student groups.Therefore,the specially customized SPOC teaching platform can use the increasingly developed Internet technology to improve the teaching methods of colleges and universities,and enrich the students' extracurricular life while ensuring the communication between teachers and students.In terms of hardware,with the continuous development of the cloud computing concept and the maturity of the technologies in recent years,we can use cloud computing related technologies to build a highly scalable platform architecture to improve the utilization of hardware resources in universities and enhance the service performance of the application system.In terms of software,colleges and universities will offer thousands of courses and have a complex distribution of campus courses,so they will face management problems when using SPOC teaching platform for mixed teaching,and need more flexible management plan to be provided by the platform.According to the development background and the research status of the SPOC teaching platform at home and abroad,this paper explains the main problems and needs of the system.Based on the application of SPOC teaching platform for mixed teaching in colleges and universities,this paper implements and designs two-level SPOC management platform based on community cloud.This system combines the current development trend of software engineering,uses OpenStack open source framework to realize hardware virtualization of resources,so as to improve hardware performance and utilization,and realize the community cloud deployment mode.At the same time,the multi-tenant software architecture is used to solve the management problems when universities use the SPOC platform.Using the popular SSM development framework,taking JAVA as the development language,applying MySQL database,based on Browser/Server structure,users can interact with the system through the browser,and use HTML,JavaScript,CSS,Ajax and other technologies to achieve dynamic,interactive,and efficient networked information management services.The platform uses the community cloud deployment model to implement functional modules such as functional personality customization,role and rights management,course management,job management,and exam management.The community cloud-based two-level management SPOC teaching platform has the characteristics of simple interface,perfect function and convenient management.It solves the management problem of using SPOC teaching platform in colleges and universities,and helps contemporary college students to use their after-school time reasonably as well as enables teachers to supervise the students more strictly.
Keywords/Search Tags:OpenStack, community cloud, multi-tenant, SPOC
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