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A Goal Model-based Analysis Method Of Reviews

Posted on:2019-08-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,with the rapid rise and development of the mobile Internet,App has also been widely used and has more and more markets.More and more developers concern about the development of App.But the competition of App is fierce and the elimination rate of App is high,the ability developers can fully understand the requirements of users and meet their requirements is the key factor for App's vitality.Publishing platform of application or App store allows users to express their views on the App,developers can analyze the reviews and introduce user factors into the development to improve the quality of the product.But the amount of review is overwhelming and the quality of some reviews is poor,so it is difficult to use reviews directly for developers.More and more scholars began to research the analysis of reviews.Leonard Hoon selected the reviews of the best Apps to research their attributes and changes over time.Dennis and Pagano analyzed more than one million reviews,they research the status of the user feedback in the App platform to identify the relationships between different feedback information,the typical theme of reviews and their impact.Bin Fu proposed Wiscom that can analyze tens of millions user ratings and comments in mobile app markets at three different levels of detail to(a)discover inconsistencies in reviews;(b)identify reasons why users like or dislike a given app,and provide an interactive,zoomable view of how users' reviews evolve over time;and(c)provide valuable insights into the entire app market,identifying users' major concerns and preferences of different types of apps.Stefan Siersdorfer present an in-depth study of commenting and comment rating behavior on a sample of more than 6 million comments on 67,000 YouTube videos for which we analyzed dependencies between comments,views,comment ratings and topic categories.Analyzing reviews of Apps in the perspective of requirements engineering can get the relevant information which can guide developers to work and improve the quality and satisfaction of Apps.Although many scholars are researching the analysis methodof reviews,there are few methods of analyzing reviews in the perspective of requirements engineering.So this paper put forward a method of analyzing reviews in the perspective of requirements engineering,we introduce goal model into analysis of reviews.Goal model is an important concept in the requirements engineering,the goal-based modeling method can describe and analyze requirements effectively.Goal model consists of goals and relationships between goals,and we can get a lot of requirement-related information by analyzing the characteristics of goals in the model and the relationships between goals.This paper quantifies goal model through associating goal model with the reviews.We can get the collection of SupportNodes and collection of SuppressNodes of each goal node in the model through analyzing quantified goals and relationships between different goals in the model,this information can guide developers to upgrade App.In addition,we also give a method to sort all the goals of a goal model,the users expect the goals which ranking is high to be modified,this information is useful for subsequent development work.At the end of this paper,the validity and feasibility of the method are verified by a experiment.
Keywords/Search Tags:goal model, reviews, requirements, quantify, attitude
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