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The Characteristic Of Soil Active Organic Carbon In Different Forest Types In Saihanba

Posted on:2021-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J M LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2370330611469632Subject:Forest managers
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In this paper,different types of forests(L.principis-rupprechtii and Betula platyphylla mixed forest,L.principis-rupprechtii and Scotch pine mixed forest,pure L.principis-rupprechtii forest and Secondary Bare Land)were selected as the forest types at the Saihanba Machinery Forest Farm in Hebei Province.The characteristics,distribution ratio,seasonal variation,their correlations of soil total organic carbon(TOC)and its active carbon components in different forest types were studied.It aims to clarify the impact of different forest types on the changes of soil active organic carbon and provide a theoretical basis for the management of forest soil carbon pools in Saihanba area.The result is as follows:(1)With the deepening of the soil layer,the total soil organic carbon and the contents of various active organic carbon components have gradually decreased.The change of the average amount of TOC,MBC,DOC and LFOC in the different forests and the secondary bare land in the 0-50 cm soil layer was the highest in L.principis-rupprechtii and Betula platyphylla mixed forest,followed by the pure L.principis-rupprechtii forest and the L.principis-rupprechtii and Scotch pine mixed forest,and the lowest in the Secondary Bare Land;the dendency of ROC and POC was the highest in pure L.principis-rupprechtii forest,followed by the L.principis-rupprechtii and Betula platyphylla mixed forest and the L.principis-rupprechtii and Scotch pine mixed forest,and the lowest in Secondary Bare Land.(2)The order of the proportion of each component of active organic carbon in TOC is POC>ROC>LFOC>MBC>DOC,that is,the distribution ratios of POC?ROC?LFOC?MBC?DOC are between 11.07% to 34.59%,7.95% to 23.65%,1.40% to 3.57%,0.37% to 0.85%,0.28% to 0.59%,respectively.(3)Correlation analysis showed that TOC and its active carbon components was extremely positively correlated with soil moisture content and total nitrogen.In contrast,soil p H have extremely significant negative correlation with TOC,ROC,LFOC,whereas it was significantly correlated with MBC and DOC.There was no correlation between POC and soil p H.(4)The soil total organic carbon of different forest types showed a consistent trends in different seasons,and all showed spring>autumn>summer.The seasonal change trend of ROC is roughly showed as summer>spring>autumn,The amount of MBC and DOC have obvious seasonal dynamics,showing the highest content in spring and slightly higher in autumn than in summer.The amount of POC was high in autumn and low in spring.
Keywords/Search Tags:forest type, active organic carbon, seasonal dynamics
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