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Effects Of Simulating N-S Deposition On Soil Organic Carbon Fractions In Larixprincips-rupprechtii Plantation

Posted on:2018-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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By using the method of field experiment of simulating the deposition of nitrogen-sulfur and indoor analysis,soil organic carbon of Larix principis-rupprechtii plantation was researched in Haodifang Forestry station of Taiyue Mountain,Shanxi Province.The aim of this research was to study the distribution of soil organic carbon and the change of organic carbon content under different N-S treatment.The results were as follows:The content of total organic carbon in the surface layer of sample site was 46.45 g/kg.The content of the soil total organic carbon,>250?m aggregate organic carbon,250-53?m aggregate organic carbon,the light fraction organic carbon and>53 ?m particulate organic carbon was reduced with the increasing of soil depth.And all these components had lowest organic carbon content in April during the growing season.The content of<53?m aggregate organic carbon,heavy organic carbon and<53?m particulate organic carbon was increased with the increasing of soil depth.The influence of season change on these components was not significant.In order to study the effect of increased N-S deposition on soil organic carbon,by using the method of aggregate grouping,the<53?m aggregate fraction takes up the largest proportion in soil,but most of aggregate organic carbon stored in the>250 ?m aggregates fraction of 0-10 cm soil layer.The main effect N had an significant influence on all aggregate organic carbon,and the higher the concentration of nitrogen was,the lower the content of the aggregate organic carbon would be.Under the density grouping,the proportion of heavy fraction was greater than of light fraction.The NxS interaction effect had an significant effect on the content of light and heavy organic carbon.The higher NS concentration was,the less the content of light organic carbon would be.Under the Particle grouping,the proportion of<53?m particulate fraction was greater than>53?m particulate fraction.The NS interaction effect also had an significant effect on the content of particulate organic carbon,the content of particulate organic carbon decreased significantly under high NxS concentration.In 0-10 cm soil layer,different particulate aggregate organic carbon,>250?m aggregate organic carbon and light organic carbon,<53?m aggregate organic carbon with heavy organic carbon and>53?m aggregate organic carbon all had significant correlation.In 10-20 cm soil layer,the correlation between heavy organic carbon and<53 ?m aggregate organic carbon was strengthen,but the correlation between other organic carbon components was weakened.The study indicated that a large amount of N-S deposition on the research area would reduce the easy-turnover physical components of organic carbon in Larix principis-rupprechtii plantation,and might have a negative effect on the storage of soil organic carbon in this study area.
Keywords/Search Tags:Larix principis-rupprechtii, soil organic carbon fractions, aggregate organic carbon, light fraction organic carbon, particulate organic carbon
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