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Study On The Soil Column Of Modified Saline-alkali Soil With Desulfurization Gypsum And Humic Acid

Posted on:2019-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2370330566491019Subject:Soil science
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There are about 99 million hectares of saline soil in our country,the land salinization soil 7.6 million hectares,accounting for about one 5 of the cultivated land area.The saline-alkali soil will cause the soil and the fertility to decline,and the crops cannot absorb nutrients normally so that the growth is blocked,which severely restricts the improvement of crop production and ecological environment.Desulphurization gypsum is the byproduct of the thermal power plant in desulfurization process,which has remarkable effect on the improvement of saline-alkali soil.Humic acid can be used to buffer soil acid alkalinity and improve soil physical and chemical properties.In this study,the improvement of saline-alkali soil was studied by using the indoor soil column simulation experiment to improve the material of desulfurization gypsum and humic acid.The analysis and determination of the flow rate,component analysis and the composition of saline alkali soil were carried out.The main conclusions are as follows :(1)Desulfurization gypsum and humic acid can significantly improve the saline soil permeability,fertilization of desulfurization gypsum,with desulfurization gypsum and humic acid eluent infiltration time by 30.1% and 30.1% compared with the blank control,out of time by 29.6% and 29.6%.(2)Through the analysis of the various processing leacheate pH,SAR,can be in the process of the analysis of the humic acid content of desulfurization gypsum solubility enhancement,promote the desulfurization gypsum and saline soil ion substitution effect,finally makes the eluent of pH and SAR values are lower,more thorough ion substitution effec.(3)Desulfurization gypsum will happen in the process of improved saline soil leakage of gypsum and gypsum residue,when the desulfurization gypsum with humic acid,certain amount of gypsum utilization rate can be increased from 26.48% to 26.48%,and the leakage rate and the residual rate reduced by 22.49% and 22.49% to 51.03% and 22.49% respectively.(4)Desulphurization gypsum,humic acid and irrigation water have significant influence on the pH,ESP,SAR and total salinity of saline and alkaline soil,among which desulfurization gypsum has the greatest influence.Finally,it was found that the combined modified saline-alkali soil with desulphurization gypsum 65.45 g,humic acid 4.71 g and water irrigation of 2800 ml had the best effect.
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