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Effects Of Organic Material And Chemical Fertilization On Soil Microbial Community Structure And Soil Nutrients In Yellow Clunamon Soil

Posted on:2019-12-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y B ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2370330548986152Subject:Agricultural Resources and Environment
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The yield on yellow cinnamon soil does not expected in level to be high and stable because of heavy soil texture and the mineral composition,which give rise to tighten and stiff,strong swell-shrink pedons,negative tillage and permeability,non-enduring drought and flood,etc.On the contrary,the high potential to the yield should be addressed by reason of appropriate water and temperature condition and p H,deep soil,broad suitability of species.Therefore,fertilizing soil and improving plant nutrition play an important role in the crop production under condition of yellow cinnamon soil.It has been revealed that some improvement to the nutrition content of soil and crop yield werecaused byapplying different kinds of organic manure using the viewpoint on soil fertilizer science but not of soil microbiology.In this study,the researching direction will be conducted microbiologically to demonstrate chemical and biological properties of the soil in the crop growth period and the yield.The treatments are set as no fertilizer(CK),NPK,NPKB,NPKS,NPKM,NPKSB,NPKMB(The abbreviations denote as nitrogen(N),phosphorus(P),potassium(K),biochar(B),chicken manure(S),organic manure(M).).Results of the research are expected to theoreticallysupport reduction of the tillagebarriers and stability of the crop yield.The main results are shown as:1 Applying organic material and biochar improved the soil urease activity.The variation tendency in the whole growth period(over-wintering stage,jointing stage,grain filling stage and maturation stage)behaved as sinusoid-like and peaked at grain filling stage.Compared to CK,addition of biochar insignificantly promoted soil urease activity in the most growth stages(excepting the jointing one).Compared to NPK,adding biochar or chicken manure respectively improved the activity with-4.34%~24.67% and 3.76%~14.23%,but fertilization with organic manure receded the activity.Applying chemical fertilizers and biochar and maize straw significantly promoted the activity at the level of 15.03% ~ 25.34%.2 Addition of organic materials and biochar reshaped the soil microbial community.Briefly,adding organic materials(NPKM)gave rise to a domination of microorganisms with fatty acidscontaining 18:1?5c and 16:1?5c,and case of chicken manure(NPKS)to a domination with fatty acids including a16:0,i16:0,a15:0,i15:0,i14:0,18:0,16:1?9c,cy19:0?9c,meanwhile,biochar acceding to the treatments above mentioned(NPKMB and NPKSB),the major community was be16:0(10Me),20:0(10Me),cy17:0,16:1?7c,and 18:1?9c fatty acids.3 Fertilization in this study influenced the soil nutrient content.Fertilized with biochar and organic manure significantly increased nutrient content of the wheat during the whole life.Compared to non-fertilized treatment,applying biochar significantly promoted content of the soil organic carbon,but not to changes of the available phosphorus and potassium and total nitrogen.Based on only chemical fertilizer(NPK),respectively adding biochar(NPKB),chicken manure(NPKS)and organic manure(NPKM)increased contents of soil organic carbon,phosphorus and potassium,but significantly reduced content of the total nitrogen at 20.35%,39.35% and 34.71%,respectively.For soil nutrient content,combining fertilization with organic manure and biocha(NPKMB),with chicken manure and biochar(NPKSB)did not induce a significant difference to only-chemical-fertilizer treatments(NPK).4 To no fertilizer,individually applying biochar had insignificant changes on yield and yield components of the wheat.On the other hand,to only chemical fertilizers(NPK),adding organic manure(NPKM)significantly improve yield of wheat upon 9.41%,and biochar(NPKB)and organic manure(NPKM)significantly increased the kernels per spike of the wheat at level of11.52% and 16.89%,respectively.Additionally,yield of treatment fertilized chemicals,organic manure and biochar(NPKMB)was higher than the only chemicals one(NPK).5 Correlation analysis demonstrated that significant negative correlation existed between gram-positive/gram-negative bacteria and yield,but positive one between fungi and bacteria.Soil organic carbon was the major factor reshaping soil microbial community.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yellow cinnamon soil, soil nutrients, soil urease, soil microbial community structure, crop yield
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